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  • Plugin Author Amos Struck


    Hi Zorro,

    the photo editor did work for existing images as well before they have changed the media popup. We might change the plugin accordingly, so later you will be able to use the image editor on any image in your website. For now it still works only when you have bought an image.

    Anyhow, thanks for the feedback, I will adress this straight away.


    Well that stinks…lol I like the idea of having everything in one place. I also have an account with Fotila and that makes it nice. But I normally try and hunt for some free stuff first.

    By the way who is they? Any ides when that feature may get put back in?

    Also, can you tell me if you have to put the cation credits in when using Pixabay?

    Thanks for you quick response.


    Plugin Author Amos Struck


    Sure Zorro, free plugins helping us save time always stink. I was going to add that feature to the to-do list.

    Unfortunately we do not support any free photo ressources such as Pixabay yet.


    Ah I see what it is. I have it installed and so it showed up beside yours.

    Plugin Author Amos Struck



    there is a very fix to edit ANY image in your media library with our plugin and the Aviary Editor.

    Here are the steps:
    1.) Go to your post and click “Add Media”
    2.) Choose the image (any image) you want to edit
    3.) Click on the “Edit Image” button on the right
    4.) The image will get transfered into the Aviary editor, edit and save



    Thanks its not a bad workaround for now until you get an upgrade. The only issue I see with it by going this way it creates a copy of the photo in media folder in order to accomplish this.


    The only other thing I see its doing I am not a fan of is its adding a lot of overhead to the image and making the photo image size larger. Typically we want to keep these as small as possible for fast page load times this is also better for SEO. For example.

    My original test file. 640 × 480 137 kB

    After only adding text that says Zorro and saving 640 × 480 222 kB That’s almost twice the size. I performed the same test using the same photo with a popular online photo editor called
    and the file actually got smaller. 98K

    Any thoughts with creating a way to make that editor work.


    Plugin Author Amos Struck


    Ho Zorro,

    unfortunately thats the only way to use it. The main purpose of the plugin is to buy stock photos and not to edit them. We found the Aviary editor pretty good to be a free solution for our users. The editor do create a copy of the image, because no-one wants to get his bought stock photo overwritten by the editor.

    Anyhow, do not have a free API which we could use.


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