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  • how do i get my own avatar up for wordpress? i have something uploaded on my profile page, and i have a gravatar up at gravatar dot com , and i even uploaded one at google and yahoo id
    i also have user phot o but have no clue where to put that
    code that he has instead of instructions on his developer page–

    any easy answers?

    the only place that gravatars or avatars show up is on the page that opens when you click on partial comments in my sidebar

    thank you very much

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  • See if this helps:

    thanks a lot for your response,
    i went to the link
    very complicated for someone at my level but willing when i have some open time and i am not trying to figure other stuff out…
    but one prob

    in the codex page you sent me to there is a link–it says for plug in
    when i clicked on it it took me to the en.gravatar start page
    (i do have gravatars already there, so i guess i have ot look up plug in there–
    i may have done so, i think i did, but found it too complicated…)
    even on the codex page it says
    look for ___and then place this code in the loop, but between this and this, its like whaaaa?
    have no idea what or where the loop is (i knowthat is prob something everyone here knows but tough, i don’t )
    babbaba nothing i would know what to do

    look the gravatar upload was easy enough and such a great idea, rest is a bit too tech for me to make sense of , and i am fairly regarded as more knowlega ble tha n most of all i know??? (not much of a tech world everywhere!)

    yeah frustrated a little with all the time this kinda thing eats up and it is just a picture, but would like it, it’s okay if you just want to step away this time…..we can let this thread go if ya choose…not urgent
    up to you

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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