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  • I have this same issue.

    Plugin Author Claude



    for most of the blogs the small avatars are perfect. If you nevertheless need larger avatars you can make this change:

    – Open the file communication.php of the plugin
    – Change this line:
    $user_thumbnail = (!empty ($identity->thumbnailUrl)? trim ($identity->thumbnailUrl) : '');
    – To:
    $user_thumbnail = (!empty ($identity->pictureUrl)? trim ($identity->pictureUrl) : '');


    I changed it but yet nothing happened the profile images are still small??

    Ok so i edited the line and what it did was that the new members that logged on made it so that the image size change but the problem with that is that it changes the size of the thumbnails as well i want to keep the thumbnails at 50 x 50px. While the profile pictures i want them to be 150 x 150 px how would i do that ??

    maybe not the nicest solution, but I solved it for my site with a little custom css:

    ‘#item-header-avatar img.avatar-social-login {width: 150px ; height: 150px;}’

    btw, this is a css I added WITHOUT changing the plugin code (thus still using the 50×50 thumbnails).

    A nicer solution would be if the plugin added both pictures (50×50 and 150×150 to the /avatar/user_id/ directory on the server (after creating the directory) (instead of the link to e.g. facebook graph in the database). This would also lower the bandwidth consumption on the website which has to retrieve the picture every time from the social site (e.g. when using the Recently Active Users plugin).

    If possible even include an administration option to update the local avatars every time the user logs in again (if yes then the local avatars would be refreshed every time the user logs in again, if no the local avatars are not refreshed).

    Great Job Hcroeze that did the trick but it does make it all pixeled and blurry because of the size. I hope Claude can add all that to the new WordPress update.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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