• ok so when i go to my profile i dont see anyway i can upload an avatar for myself. anyone know how i can like the avatar that displays in the comments.

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  • go to gravatar.com
    upload your image
    it will automatically show up here and on wordpress blogs where it is enabled

    How will that work on wordpress blogs that are not hosted on wordpress.com? How will people who come to my museum’s board know to go there? My account on my board is “admin” how will th gravatar associate with that account?

    In other words… why isn’t there a place in the profile section for the association of a custom avatar with the profile on the WordPress software system? …or where is it, if it is hidden so that I can direct museum members toward it.

    Okay, I figured it out… but still it will be cryptic for users to figure out.

    Can you explain how did you found it?
    I mean, I don’t want my users to have to use gravatar.com as well..

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