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    Hello – I think there could be a conflict with avatars with certain themes and/or when BuddyPress is also being used. I have identicon selected as my default avatar of choice both in the WordPress settings and the AnyComment settings, yet the default blue Gravatar logo shows instead of the identicon. There’s something wrong with the URL to the avatar.

    But, identicon avatars show up everywhere else. Next to my posts in my theme, in BuddyPress, etc.

    This is the URL – I don’t think it is formatted correctly –

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  • Plugin Author Alexander


    Hello, it could be caching.

    Please go to “AnyComment” -> “Settings” -> “Tool” and drop all cache. You may go and check if selected avatar was shown.

    If avatar does not show, FTP to your website and go to wp-content/cache/anycomment and you can delete everything inside that folder. This is caching folder of AnyComment.

    Let me know if this helped! 🙂

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    @ateshabaev I confirmed the problem. It is BuddyPress. I’m using BuddyPress in a different area of the site. When I deactivate BuddyPress avatars in AnyComment work again. BuddyPress must attempt to change the avatar URL.

    Also, good call on the caching. That might help others. But in my case deleting the cache didn’t help. It’s got to be BuddyPress.

    New discovery. The conflict only happens if no custom avatar is uploaded. As soon as I upload a custom avatar via buddypress, the correct avatar shows. So, there is some weird Gravatar conflict between buddypress and anycomment only if you haven’t yet uploaded an avatar and instead want identicons or another type of default generated avatar to show. It’s definitely the URL format too. My first post here is a bad example. I pasted in the wrong URL. The URL that shows in the source code has ;d=identicon at the end. Notice the semicolon. It should be an ampersand. There are also other weird things in the URL like, g=r. And a #038. Maybe buddypress is injecting things into the Gravatar URL? Again, deactivating buddypress fixes it.

    Plugin Author Alexander



    I see. I will have a look at this.

    Thank you!

    I got this to work and also with WP First Letter Avatar. I went through almost every file and replaced any custom avatar function you had added with the default WordPress avatar functions. I know this means the social avatar part of the plugin won’t work, but I’m not using that feature anyway.

    This also means I can never upgrade this plugin since I did so many manual changes. 🙁 But, I like everything else about this plugin – more than other comment plugins.

    Maybe one day you could make a “lite” version of this plugin, without all the social stuff, that way you can stick with standard WordPress avatar code.

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