• I am new to WordPress. I just set up my blog. I am the admin person. I am not a computer person. How do I set my personalized avatar instead of the generalozed one I have? Thank you.

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    Create an account on gravatar.com using the same email address that you use on your site.

    OK. But my username on WordPress is not my email (although my email is part of my profile). So will it still automatically appear next to my blog id? And does that mean wherever I use my email, the avatar will appear? Sorry if I seem dense on this. I appreciate the help very much.



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    I meant the email address you entered in Settings -> General. Or in Users -> Your Profile.

    OK. One last question – would it be possible to just upload an image and insert in place of the general image provided? (Like for a header one can upload their own image to use on the blog page)?

    I looked at gravatar.com and to me it all looks impossibly complicated!

    Can’t I just upload an image as a profile picture and have that show when I post (I am the admin person)?
    I just do not understand the gravatar instructions.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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