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  • stv11c


    Hi, firstly great job in getting a WP plugin for FA. I am a theme designer/dev who is currently embedding FA manually by downloading the Free version from your website, but would prefer to use the plugin. My goal is to allow FA Pro users to access their font list via the metadata within a WP5 Block and my Theme Options.

    Question: What is the preferred way to reference the available icons json metadata or something similar? For example – I am currently referencing file ‘fontawesome-free-5.14.0-web/metadata/icons.json’ from my local embedded copy. I’m not sure how to best achieve the same with the Plugin.

    Any help would be very appreciated. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

    PS. My WP page builder and theme is

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  • Plugin Author mlwilkerson


    The best way to access icon metadata is using the GraphQL API.

    If you are using this plugin, there is also a a PHP API for a query() function that adds some convenient wrapping around requests to the GraphQL API.

    There’s also a WordPress REST API endpoint which exposes that query() function to clients of the WordPress API, like JavaScript clients. (This plugin’s own settings page uses it, for example.)

    A benefit of using this plugin’s query() API for handling those GraphQL queries is that it also adds authentication to those query requests if the web site owner has added an API Token for accessing their Font Awesome accounts. Today, adding account authentication to a GraphQL query wouldn’t make any difference in the icon metadata results, because none of those results are account-specific. But I expect that in the future–when Icon Upload is released–this will be the best way to retrieve account-specific metadata that includes the user’s custom icons.

    As for how your theme users incorporate Pro, you may already be aware of this, but Font Awesome’s licensing does not permit redistribution of the icon assets. So if the installation method were self-hosted (such as when the assets are copied to the WordPress server and hosted from there), then it would require that the theme user has their own license of Font Awesome Pro and goes through the steps to upload the relevant files for self-hosting. That can be tedious and error-prone for some users, and I think it would almost always result in slower loading of icon assets.

    By contrast, this plugin will always load assets from the Font Awesome CDN, so no file management required on the WordPress server, always immediate access to the latest and greatest icons, and worldwide performance optimization on the CDN.

    In either case–whether self-hosting Pro assets or loading Pro assets via the CDN–the metadata for all of Free and Pro for all versions is freely available via the GraphQL API.

    So, if your theme were integrated with this plugin, the user would choose their version of Font Awesome using the Font Awesome settings page. Your theme could use this plugin’s PHP API to discover details about the Font Awesome configuration, such as whether Pro is enabled, and then use the query() API to provide the user with icon metadata relevant to the version and license of Font Awesome that they’ve configured.

    (Hint: you can also run fuzzy searches through the same Algolia search that powers the Icon Gallery on, through the same GraphQL API.)

    Does that help?

    Thanks for the detailed response and I look forward to giving it a go soon.

    I found this page useful:

    When do you plan the official release for this plugin as it’s still in RC?

    I guess I’ll need to purchase a Pro license to test the Pro icons metadata comes through when a user adds their key 🙂


    Plugin Author mlwilkerson


    I expect the official release to happen “soon,” and with no significant changes from the current release candidate version.

    You do not need to purchase a Pro license in order to verify that the currently-available Pro icon metadata comes through from the GraphQL API. You could verify that without authenticating, using any GraphiQL tool, or even a simple curl command from a command line. No Pro license is require to access Pro metadata.

    It wouldn’t be until we release Icon Upload, and provide a way for that account-specific icon metadata to be retrieved via the GraphQL API, that you’d need a Pro license in order to experiment with that feature in a way that would be like one of your users experiences.

    For now, though, the only account-specific, or Pro-specific, metadata that is enabled by the addition of an API Token is just the account’s kits metadata. It’s what allows the user to select one of their kits to be installed in their WordPress site (and to see within the WordPress admin what that kit’s configuration settings are). There’s no significant functionality difference, though, between a user fetching all of their account’s kits when there’s only one Free kit, and fetching all of their account’s kits whether are multiple kits including some Pro kits.

    Plugin Author mlwilkerson


    @stv11c I have some other thoughts about Font Awesome integration on WordPress, but I’d prefer to discuss via direct message, rather than in this support forum. If you’re willing, could you email Font Awesome support and ask for me (Mike)?

    email: hello at fontawesome dot com

    @mlwilkerson I just emailed and look forward to chatting soon. Thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author mlwilkerson



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