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    Your wp plugin looks promising!

    Having issues using google calendar to set availability of a service.

    The backend integration has been set up and the google account connected. The Linked Google Calendar and the Availability Google Calendar have been set. (To the same calendar.) Entries have been made in that google calendar with both the specific name of the service and with “All” in the title. These have been set to “Free”. But these availability events do not appear in the front page calendar created with the [tbk-booking] shortcut.

    Any ideas?

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    Extra info… if availability is set via the wp backend then that does show up in the frontend calendar. And if a meeting is booked it does show up in the google calendar. So it’s just trying to set availability via google calendar that has the issue.

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    Hi, thanks for your report!

    When the Linked and the Availability Google Calendars are the same, special attention needs to be paid to the transparency (free/busy property) of availability events in case the Block availability when busy option is also active.

    If the availability events are set as Busy while the Block availability when busy option is active, those events will basically auto-exclude themselves.

    You’ve already mentioned that your availability events were set as Free though, so I’ve tested it, yet without being able to replicate the issue.

    Please contact me at stroheimdesign [at] gmail [dot] com if you want me to have a closer look, identify and fix the issue.

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    Hi, thanks for your quick response.

    Did some more checking and found it was my problem. Had added the availability events to the wrong google calendar. The default add in google was using a different calendar

    So now fixed and working as expected. 🙂

    And I see that it is better to have separate google calendars for availability and for the reserved events.

    A further question – is there a way to approve a reservation from the google calendar? We’d prefer not to use the backend of wp to manage the process.

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    Hi, happy to read you found the culprit 🙂

    About your question: not at the moment, but it will soon be possible. I will tell you that it is probably going to happen through an approval link in the event description, as a WordPress-based website requires to be visited to perform actions.

    I am going to mark this topic as resolved, feel free to ask more or make features requests (at stroheimdesign [at] gmail [dot] com).

    P.S. If at some point you’ll find the plugin useful, consider to leave a review – that would help a lot!

    Have a nice day

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    Hi, again thanks for your quick response.

    An approval link in the google calendar appointment would be very useful.

    For the time being I’ll take the different approach of immediately confirming an appointment. In the 1st situation where I’m looking to apply your plugin there’s scope for the team member providing the service to adjust the appointment if needed.

    By all means mark the topic as resolved as my immediate questions have been answered.

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