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    I’ll first start with just a generic blanket question, then get more specific if I need to. Are you familiar with the theme-fusion Avada WP theme? I’m having some issues with trying to figure out the ins and outs of this particular theme as it relates to the WP Retina 2X plugin, which they suggest users include with the theme.

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    I am sorry I don’t know this theme at all. What kind of issue do you have?

    That’s fine. Just thought I’d check first.

    My issue, I’m just trying to figure out exactly how this theme works still. I know how the browser/code works for retina devices, and I know how to just do everything manually in the backend, but I know if I can figure out how this plugin works with the theme it’ll simplify the process for me.

    In my theme, the plugin generates retina-ready versions of several different sizes. There’s the standard thumbnail/medium/large etc. with every WP, and then the plugin also generates other versions “large-blog” “medium-blog” and the list goes on (exactly which other versions within my theme not important to my question). But within my theme there are also other user-uploaded images that do not fit the label of what versions the plugin states it creates retina-ready for. I.e. I listed “large-blog” and “medium-blog” as being versions that show up in the plugin settings (I’ll include a screenshot of what I mean in case there’s still confusion there), but there is a section in the theme, for example, called Content Boxes (created with a shortcode) and there is no “Content-Boxes” version within the plugin options.

    (Have I lost ya?)

    It’s difficult to explain what the problem is in text 🙂

    Say for example I have an image that is large enough for ALL possible uses on my website, both retina and “regular” and I upload it not through FTP but via Media Library. Let’s say I also have the “auto generate for all Media Library uploads” option ticked in the plugin settings. The plugin will generate @2x for all the versions, but how exactly do I utilize them within the theme? Again, I can always just go in and upload via FTP two different versions, then inside the HTML reference the permalink for the image and have @2x right next to it, but I’m not seeing how the plugin integrates with the theme. It’s frustrating because I’m no dummy with WP and HTML, but I can’t seem to figure this out.

    I’ll supply login info if you want.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    The plugin will generate @2x for all the versions, but how exactly do I utilize them within the theme?

    You have to insert one of the sizes generated by WordPress (except the full-size obviously) and the retina size will be used automatically if required. It is as simple as that.

    Then the issues come up with the themes, or when you’re using short-codes (what do they do behind?), specific sliders… I cannot help for those because I have no clues of what they did or their side.

    Basically here your problem is related to the Content Boxes, right? However I really have no idea of what it is… Did you try to contact the developer of your theme?

    I am sorry I will not be able to provide much help, I am here for bug or issues related to my own plugin, and since it got popular I cannot really help much with issues related to the themes (you can hire me if you like though :p).

    Yeah I figured as much. I definitely have contacted the theme developer. They either have incompetent people running the support forum, or have a serious language barrier and don’t know how to communicate anything effectively. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get things accomplished with them, so I thought I’d try here. Your answer was what I was expecting.

    You have to insert one of the sizes generated by WordPress (except the full-size obviously) and the retina size will be used automatically if required. It is as simple as that.

    Is there a way that I can make it so that the plugin creates more/new sizes? Somehow the plugin knows what “medium blog” and “large blog” sizes are, I’m wondering if there’s a way I can manually change it so that WP creates versions that I tell it to?

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    The plugin uses the sizes registered in WordPress. Normally, themes (or plugins) also register their own size through the WP API (which is the right way to do it). And of course, WP Retina 2x works with those sizes. It seems the theme you are using is using another size, registered and only managed/used by the theme code itself… which is really dirty and improper…

    If it is the case then you are probably stuck 🙁 You could of course find another plugin that allows you to register your new sizes (or you can do it by yourself by adding a few lines in your WordPress files), but then the filenames would be different from the ones used by the themes, so it wouldn’t help much.

    If you really want to keep this theme and cannot find a solution, you can maybe hire me and we could see what is possible to do.

    Thanks very much for your help. I really like the plugin, I’m just having headaches over how the theme works with it. I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    You’re welcome ^^ Good luck and tell us how it goes!

    PS, hows the new HTML Rewrite method working? Any issues thus far from users?

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    I switched all my websites to the HTML Rewrite 🙂 Many reasons to that. I think it is very clean, very fast, very proper, and you can use Google PageSpeed Service or Cloudflare on top of it. Then I got rid of the W3 Total Cache plugin because it is useless 🙂 In result, my websites work perfectly on normal and retina devices and are super fast! I think I will make it default one day, but not for now.

    Good news! Perhaps it can be shared with anyone else that may have the same concern I had. I installed a new plugin called Simple Image Sizes and it did exactly what I had hoped it would do. Not only did it enable me to create new thumbnail sizes (the sizes that SHOULD have been included with the theme in the first place) in the context of the Settings –> Media area of the Dashboard, but it also created an option to “Show version in post insertion?” for ALL of the other size options that WERE included in the theme, but did not come up in the dropdown menu when inserting into post/page. All the different size options were not available in the post/page media insert dropdown menu without that option in the Simple Image Sizes plugin.

    So that solves another problem I was having (that for the life of me I could NOT get an answer from the developer). Additionally, the way Simple Image Sizes works WP Retina 2X works WITH it, and creates retina versions for the new thumbnail sizes I created with Simple Image Sizes plugin.

    I’m excited to go back to the developer and say “don’t worry, I figured it out, no thanks to you”, lol. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a GREAT theme, but the theme documenation/tutorials are terrible, as is the support. Anyway, just thought I’d pass that along.

    Last thing. I don’t have a Macbook Pro w/ retina, so I can’t test if it’s actually serving the “@2x” version for retina devices. Would you mind just taking a quick look at the page source to see if it’s serving properly? I just activated the “Rewrite HTML” method of the plugin as well. If you do have a second to look, my site is currently on a temporary domain: and the 2 images in question (the ones I think I was able to resolve) are halfway down the home page, just above the headings “Available Properties” and “Build Updates”. If you’re busy, no worries.

    I’ll be sure to donate! Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Cool! Yeah, I am not surprised it works, the plugin you installed is supposed to register new sizes properly in the system, so it’s exactly what you should have done 🙂 I make my themes myself, so basically I create my own sizes within my theme.

    No problem, I can try it and tell you if it works, but do you mind contacting me through my website? (the about page) That way I will not forget tonight when I’ll get back home (might be a bit late + I live in Japan).

    Thanks in advance for the donation ^^ and the review! At this stage, I don’t know which is more important… but I do know that I like both, haha! 😉


    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Got it! Will reply to you when I am back 🙂

    could’t agree more, once you complaint about their support issue, they kick you out from their support forum and keep your money …

    Hi Guys 🙂

    Just thought I’d post here since I’m apart of the development team for Avada. A few things …

    1. Michaelmagnum … I just read your thread you made on our support forum about retina2x plugin. And while you did ask there, you certainly did not follow up there after we replied. Not sure how you can say our support and docs and videos are lacking, that is simply untrue. Anything you have asked on our forum was answered quickly and efficiently.

    2. SonnyCool, you we warned SEVERAL times to stop being rude and causing issues on our forum. You were banned due to your inability to be civil. We asked you repeatedly to stop calling staff names and being rude, you were acting like a child. Even after warning you would be banned if you did it again, you replied right away in the exact same way. When that happens, we have every right to ban users from our forum.

    Oh and just a little side note, our of our 5000+ users on the forum, no one has ever been banned except for you. We tried to help you but you would not let us.

    We help all our users, and will go above and beyond to do so. I think our track record speaks for itself.

    Thanks, if you have any further questions about Avada, simply ask in our support forum.

    Thanks Jordy for an incredible plugin! We recommend it for all our users 🙂


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