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  • sparky672


    Is the Events Manager plugin compatible with the Avada theme? Seriously? Breadcrumbs are broken… the “/events/” part of the path is missing. When on any Event page including the default “/event” page, the Event menu is not highlighted. And this is using the default settings. Suggestions or workarounds appreciated. Thanks.

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  • sparky672


    Please do not blame the lack of response on weekends. While difficult to tell based on the way this forum is setup, there has been 20 days since Angelo’s last response, that carelessly just assumed everything was working. Giving Angleo the benefit of the doubt about this, I immediately responded that the problem remained and continued to wait another 9 days with your plugin installed. There is no excuse for not responding until today to my desperate attempts to get somebody to acknowledge anything at all.

    However, based on the nature of my reported issue, I still don’t know why you need to depend on my demo. What about your own demo? Does the main menu item “highlight” when you visit your main “events” page? Just follow my original problem description. I’ve seen this issue with your plugin in the past on other sites/themes and perhaps it’s something you can take seriously for fixing in a future version.

    I appreciate that this forum is free, but “free” is a two-way street. My time here is also free, and if I am able to help you find a bug or solve an issue with your plugin, that is to YOUR benefit more than mine. This was also a lost opportunity for you to get us into your paid/pro version. When it takes this much effort to get any meaningful response, it leads to frustration and a desire to simply move on to a solution that works better.

    I appreciate you finally coming here to take a look, and perhaps this can be a learning experience for all of us. Thank you.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Given we have little access to specific data regarding the thread, who resolves it etc. it’s hard to say exactly what happened. What’s more, given the amount of requests we get, sometimes things do slip through. I myself sometimes find it hard to make sure every recent reply is responded to.

    Anyways, point is, we do try to help, and if we did miss your thread, my apologies, the intention is not to not be helpful. Also our driving force of providing support on here is not to make sales (and the below response will hopefully make the point given you’ve already moved on).

    A demo of some kind is helpful. For example, you mention our demo page, that’s already a great start as I can provide you a more concrete response: WordPress doesn’t work that way. You’re expecting a custom post type to automatically assume there’s a relation to a regular WP page during menu generation, and that’s not the case.

    I mention a demo to see what specifically you’re referring to as well, because we can see the problem clearer (just like you referred to the demo). If you’re using a breadcrumb plugin, it’s likely having the same ‘problem’ you see above. I don’t use Avda, so I’m not sure if they have a feature to show breadcrumbs.

    I should add that Yoast’s Breadcrumb plugin should work with EM, as if I remember correctly we added a filter specifically for that plugin, but that’s a specific workaround.

Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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