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  • Is the Events Manager plugin compatible with the Avada theme? Seriously? Breadcrumbs are broken… the “/events/” part of the path is missing. When on any Event page including the default “/event” page, the Event menu is not highlighted. And this is using the default settings. Suggestions or workarounds appreciated. Thanks.

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    sorry about that, given that wp has thousands of themes available (both free and premium) we can’t guarantee the compatibility and one of the reason’s we don’t have a list of officially supported or recommended themes at the moment.

    do you have sample link to your site with this issue for us to see and analyze please?

    Avada claims to be the #1 selling WP theme with millions of users, so I figured I’d mention it. However, it’s a moot point as I see the same issues with the stock WordPress theme Twenty Seventeen.

    Here is the link to the test site.

    Click on any main menu item and the corresponding menu item is highlighted, note the breadcrumbs in the title bar. Now click on Events in the menu; the menu is not highlighted. When you click on the test event, the breadcrumbs are missing the ‘/events/’ segment. I renamed the slug to ‘/event/’ and the results are the same.

    Thank you!

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    At the moment the links on your main menu are leading to not found pages. If can let us know here when that’s fixed we’ll be happy to take another look. Thanks.

    Sorry, I have no idea what happened, but I refreshed the permalinks so it’s working again.

    Could you kindly take another look before something else happens to this demo site. Thank you!

    Seriously? Who marked this as “resolved”? Nothing was resolved, so now I’ll have to open another thread.

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    No, do not do that. Duplicates get deleted when found and I archived yours.

    This is your topic. Use the right sidebar and select “unresolved”. The author can do that too and that is what happened.

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    What do you have set for “Events” under Events > Settings > Pages > Permalink Slugs?

    What do you have set for “Events” under Events > Settings > Pages > Permalink Slugs?

    It is/was “event”.

    I just changed it back to the default, “events”, and the problem is exactly the same.

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    it’s working now, were you able to resolved the issue?

    it’s working now

    No it’s not. The reported problem has never gone away and I have effectively received zero support over the last 16 days of waiting here.

    Let’s review…

    1. “Events” menu item does not “highlight” when you are in the Events section. Compare this behavior to other sections of the site; “History” is blue when on History page/section.

    2. When on an event page (please actually click on the sample event), the “breadcrumbs” path on the right side of the title bar is MISSING the “events” slug. Breadcrumbs are totally pointless if the slug is missing. If you’re still confused…

    It’s presently showing: “Home / 2018 Annual Convention”

    But it should be showing: “Home / Events / 2018 Annual Convention”

    Although I’ve stated it previously, it’s apparently worth repeating since nobody is really paying attention. The problem has nothing to do with the theme. The problem is exactly the same when using a stock WordPress theme such as Twenty Seventeen.

    21 days ago I kindly asked for help, and this is the level of attention and support…

    Support response 1 – please provide a link

    I provided a link.

    Support response 2 – your site is broken (and marked this thread “resolved”)

    I fixed the site, then had to wait 10 more days for this…

    Support response 3 – what are your slug settings?

    I provided the slug settings already, but let’s provide them again and wait another 4 days…

    Support response 4 – it’s working? Did you resolve it?

    LOL… seriously people! How hard is it to read my problem description and go to the demo site?

    21 days and we’re not even at a point where it’s being acknowledged as “working by design” or a bug with my installation.

    You’d think that a plugin that offers a paid upgrade would offer better support than this. When my client asks for my recommendation regarding the Pro version, I will give him my honest assessment of this terrible experience, where no support whatsoever was provided after three weeks of waiting.

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    Just a final update for anyone that is reading this thread with a similar issue. No answer from support, no response to my pleas for help… not even a confirmation/denial that the plugin is working as intended.

    I ended up replacing this plugin with The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe. It’s not perfect but their support quickly responds in a much more helpful manner.

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    Firstly, I should start by saying that I think the delays in replies might be due to weekends. Also, bear in mind this is a FREE support forum. Our support staff swings by here once a day during the week usually and do want to help.

    It’s hard to tell whether Angelo’s comment was correct or not, because you mentioned changing plugins so I won’t see the problem now.

    I will say though, that given you’re saying it happens on the Twenty Seventeen plugin, and you are talking about breadcrumbs, you’re likely using a plugin that outputs the breadcrumbs, and that’s what we’d need to check against.

    If you decide to try again, we’re happy to take another look.

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