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  • This script allows every post that you publish on your WordPress blog to also be reflected (or added) to your LiveJournal blog automatically. This script only emulates publishing to your LJ blog, you cannot edit LiveJournal entries once they are published (through the WP admin page). If there is enough interest, I could come up with edit functionality as well as others such as moods and music. Here is a link to the hack instructions.
    The items sent to LiveJournal are your post title, your post content and the date and time of your post. Enjoy.
    Please post bugs to

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  • I haven’t looked at the code for the hack yet but from LJ:
    Journal entry security
    Security options are set via the lj-header “lj-security”. If the security type specified is unknown, the journal entry defaults to private. If no security is specified, the entry is posted according to your default journal security.
    lj-security: public
    lj-security: private
    lj-security: friends
    lj-security: friendgroup
    As for formatting, I found this url: and it suggests to use <lj-raw>your post here</lj-raw>



    Let you know that the Friends only AutoUpdate LJ script works, LL! I tested and everything is good. Thanks so much for the hack. I’m really enjoying WP so far. Sushubh, yup, I converted and took me a while to figure it out (upgrading). Now ev’thing’s running. Great stuff! I’m using 1.01 for now and look forward to next update.

    🙂 I am glad! Welcome to the WordPress community!

    It is really not very insecure to have the username and password in that file. It is as secure as having a wp-config.php with your database and password in it. Just dont send that file to someone without changing the info first.
    As for the request, I am in the middle of a thesis and extremely busy. However, I am willing to get it done when I have some free time. Could you do me a favor and send me an email reminding me of this and I will try to work that in for you.

    I was wondering what to do when I dont want my smilies to show up in the lj entry because of the high bandwidth. I deleted the convert to smilies part. Was that right?

    yep 🙂

    There is an update to this script. Same download location as above, but features listed here:

    The ability to edit would be awesome

    Despite my previous post, at this time there are no plans to make an edit feature for liveJournal blogs.

    i didn’t get it to work 🙁

    Go to for a slightly-modified version of this script. It fixes two issues:

    • The slashes in the subject field weren’t being escaped.
    • LJ added extra line breaks, doubling the space between paragraphs.

    If you’re using a customized version of this function (like for friends-only posting), then simply make the following changes:
    Find the line
    $subject = $post_title;
    and replace it with:
    $subject = stripslashes(stripslashes($post_title));
    Then find
    $content = convert_chars($content, 'html');
    and add after it:
    $content = wpautop($content);
    $content = "<lj-raw>".$content."</lj-raw>";

    That’ll fix the aforementioned problems.

    >>LJ added extra line breaks, doubling the space between paragraphs.
    I was getting bugged by this too. If you could mail Mark (LaughingLizard), he would be glad to know the changes made.

    is this a fix so that you have to have LL’s version installed first?

    Yes. Follow his instructions, then make the changes I indicated.

    oh okay thanks … i couldn’t get his to work so 🙁

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