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    Hello Everybody

    First, great thanks for your Work on WordPress, it’s a beautiful open source project. i like to use it and i think i’ll work now all the time with it, but it have 2 Problems.

    1.) the mySQL Database.
    Why could’t you made seperate Tables for Categories, Menu and Posts/Pages?! It looks REALLY bad if there is the first article with ID 1 and the secound with 50, beause you have created 20 Menu-Points and 20 categories and have uploaded 10 media files.
    And it would be more clear, if you would create seperate table.

    than 2.) Autosave and Revision.
    if i have Autosave and Revision activiated, have my first Post the ID 1, and the secound the ID 100, why? BECAUSE THIS DAM’T AUTOSAVE AND REVISION FUNCTION.

    I Don’t know wich Genius of your Team had this idea, but its really for nothing. 97% of this Revision and Autosave Collums will NEVER used. NEVER!

    if i deactivate Autosave. i can Use the Preview Function.
    if i activate them, it will always create new autosave files.

    Next Time, you should invest more time in ideas like this, because that is only a half idea/feature. you don’t have competly thinking about it. The better idea is, you create two Tables, one for THE LAST Autosave, wich would alway overvrite. and the revisions, dont know, think about it, but PLEASE NOT BY THE POSTS!
    And now, we’re again by the theme about more Tables like by Point Number one.

    i’ll verry happy if you would create more tabless and would fix this atuosave-“feature” in the next version.

    see you ^^

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  • Well, I think the WordPress team – which is build out of hundreds of people – thanks you. But this is an Idea that many people worked on not just one.
    And yes, it is a bit annoying, but still good point. I’m sure it will be taken into consideration.

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    2) Autosave and Revision.

    You can limit these in your wp-config.php file:

    With define('WP_POST_REVISIONS',6); or define('WP_POST_REVISIONS',false);

    And for auto-save

    Normally no one pays attention to the post numbers, though I do turn off Post Revisions on most sites (or at least turn it DOWN to 2)

    if i deactivate Autosave. i can Use the Preview Function.

    Untrue! Just save as draft and THEN preview 🙂

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