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  • Hi,

    I´ve recently update my wordpress 2.04 to wordpress 2.1. After the update everything seemed to work fine. My only problem is the autosave feature.
    When writing a new posting, wordpress crashes my written draft of the new posting. As soon as I try to save or publish the posting it ends up with total loss. Just as if it was never written. The blog shows no draft and no posting.

    After deactivating all the plugins the problem still exists.
    What could the problem be? What are the requirements for a working autosave feature?

    And how could I turn the feature off, if the problem can’t be solved?


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    Someone else seems to have the same problem as I do

    Sorry for reposting the problem, I didn’t fint it the first time I searched for the topic.

    Hi NetReaper.. You noticed that I have similar issue with autosave HERE in wordpress support

    I’ve noticed this problem in 3 separate instances and all of them were upgraded blogs from version 2.0.4 (which is probably not a coincidence)

    But, my posts are posting. I get the white screen after and go into another tabbed window to refresh to be sure it exists. Then, I just remove the ../wp-admin/post.php to just ../wp-admin/ and refresh and continue to write new posts. I’ve noticed that in some cases, I actually do get back to the WRITE screen, if there is not any time to do any autosave (or get that ERROR: next to the save and continue button) proving this is definately an issue caused by autosave after autosave does not work.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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