• I read that wordpress is supposed to have an autosave feature for post writing, yet I continue to lose all my posts when I have browser crashed.

    Please help me understand if this has been disabled or needs to be configured.

    I am using the Editor monkey tinymce WYSIWYG editer in WordPress 2.02

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  • Bump. Anyone tell me how to activate this feature?

    Actually I could have sworn that that is in the 2.1 alpha. I know it’s in the WPMu code and that’s based on the 2.1 stuff. There’s nothing to turn on though as it’s automatic.

    At the very least try upgrading. There have been at least 4 releases since then and, if it’s in the 2.0 code, it will be in the latest.

    I don’t know about the plugin though. I know it works for teh two standard editors though.

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