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    i am having problem with autoptimize and visual composer, the problem occurs when i try to enable “Optimize CSS Code?” then the site returns 500error.
    When visual composer is disabled then there is no error, can you help me resolve this problem?


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  • The problem was actualy caused by addon for VC “Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer”

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Hi Martin;
    If the problem only occurs for the logged in admin-user, you can disable AO for logged in users using the API.

    If the problem occurs for visitors, you could either try excluding “UC for VC”‘s CSS from optimization or you could try the “legacy minifier” as explained in the FAQ.

    hope this helps,

    I am on my way to test AO and I am running VC included in my Bridge theme and I would like to minimize the VC CSS and Java scripts. So if you recommend to exclude VC as in this thread what’s the purpose using AO then if it can’t be used for VC?

    If I try enabling any optimization in AO and it doesn’t work is it as easy as just disable it and it will be as before?

    Loook forward to a reply.

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for this great plugin which really save my life. I am also using visual composer and lost the category random post display. Where I have to add the add_filter code you mentionned in the FAQ?


    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    best would be to install the code snippets plugin and add it there. alternatively (but more error-prone) you can add it in your (child-)theme’s functions.php.

    do take into account however that that code only helps for problems with the logged in user doing the actual visual composing. if the problem is with VC-functionality on the front-end for non-logged in users, you’ll have to go through the troubleshooting steps as outlined in the FAQ (probably excluding some JS from optimization).

    hope this helps,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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