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    Autoptimize 2.4 is coming in June/ July and the time has come to have it tested by as many people as possible!

    What’s new, you ask? Well;

    • it is based on a great fork by @zytzagoo with significantly improved code-quality and automated testing (travis-ci)
    • it features a new version of the CSS minifier which is _a lot_ faster and more reliable
    • it allows users to minify CSS/ JS without aggregating it
    • excluded CSS/ JS now gets minified
    • it “listens” to page caches getting purge to clear its own cache as well
    • better Google Fonts optimization (aggregated Google Fonts CSS gets preloaded)
    • image optimization (free during beta, will remain free up until a still to be specified threshold per domain)!

    How can you test, you ask? Well;

    1. download the AO 2.4 beta zipfile
    2. upload it as a new plugin
    3. deactivate the old 2.3.4
    4. and activate 2.4
    5. report any issues below as a Github issue

    And if you find no issues, maybe say so here in a reply. It’s always good to know if it just works as well 🙂

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  • It happens in both cases. In my latest test, I was just retrieving a single image (pointing my browser to the URL of the image). Average time was 20 – 30 ms, but in one case it took 565 ms.

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    OK … did i mention (or maybe you knew) that the current shortpixel implementation also sits behind cloudflare. so maybe this (the occasional long TTFB’s) is a CF thing?

    Yes, I have been thinking that as well. That’s why I am pursuing this issue with them right now.

    Have you tried disabling Cloudflare and test it? Just so we can isolate the issue.

    Oh also try to do a full page cache with Cloudflare.

    Disabling CloudFlare is a good suggestion. Testing this takes quite a bit of time because the problem is intermittent; I basically have to repeat the test until I observe an anomaly.

    I am moving next week, so I’ll wait to be at the new location since my network connection is going to be totally different.

    Full page cache is not an option because the site is a membership site.

    Will 2.4 include preloading for assets?

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    no, that’ll be … later 🙂

    Can we please have an option for “Exclude css/scripts from Autoptimize” so that excluded scripts are still minified?

    Sometimes i don’t want AO to do anything to a file except minify it.

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    well, that actually is exactly what AO 2.4 does martychc23 🙂

    I’m using the beta and under “Exlude CSS from Autoptimize” It says “…to exclude those scripts from being aggregated and minimized by Autoptimize”.

    Am i misunderstanding something here?

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    1. you have an “aggregate JS-files” (or CSS-files) option. if you disable that, all files are left un-aggregated but minified
    2. files that are excluded, are minified (if not already, based on filename). I might have to tweak the copy for the exclusion field though 😉

    @optimizingmatters : I want translate this plugin, can i get #PTE status for #id_ID?

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    requested arifpedia, thanks!

    PTE Request for Autoptimize Hello…

    I have just installed version 2.4.0-beta-4

    A couple of comments/observations.
    (1) The link fails to install the plugin as tries to install in the existing Version 2.3.4 folder.

    (2) I am not sure if excluded .js files are being ‘totally’ minified.
    I have configured JavaScript Options with;
    Optimize JavaScript Code? = checked
    Aggregate JS-files? = checked
    Exclude scripts from Autoptimize: = jquery.js,jquery-migrate.min.js, infobox.js, realhomes-common-scripts.js
    All other JavaScript Options options are not checked
    Extra Auto-Optimizations, Remove emojis = checked

    Got to the URL and examine the scripts loaded for this URL using Web Developer -> Debugger
    Look at the scripts loaded under wordpress -> wp-content/cache/autoptimize/js
    Select a script and scroll through the sourcecode.
    The scripts contain multiple lines and Javascript multi-line comments.
    I believe all single line JS comments have been removed.

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