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  • My ultimate goal is to upload several hundred images every three to four weeks and have each picture be in it’s own separate post complete with tagging and categories in the minimal amount of time.

    It feels like the best way to do this is bulk upload all the pictures into the media library then post them one by one. I have spent two days googling and using the Plug-in search to find a plugin that will allow me to go into the Media Library sort by unattached, then pick one of those images to create a new post with.

    The other option I’ve found is post by email – this works great and is actually much closer to what I want as I can have it put the posts into draft mode, then we just need to go through those add tags and categories, then hit post. The downside is that again I have to create new email, attach the file, hit send. I’ve attempted to use an Automator action to make this easier, but the only way to do it is to is one image at a time.

    Yet Another Photoblog Plugin with the bulk uploader plugin sort of does this, but I can not for the life of me get it to show full size images.

    I’ve looked at several other gallery plugins, but they’re not quite what I want either. Either they don’t allow keyword and SEO on the images, or certain galleries have 100+ pictures which makes it harder to search for the image(s) that we want. Or worse yet – they don’t allow either viewing or saving of the full size image (usually 1600+pixels)

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