• autoplay=”no” doesn’t work.

    Author rudely states he has stated several times it does not work? I went through first 10 pages of forum and saw nothing.

    Switching immediately.

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  • Plugin Author Nico



    Sorry you misunderstand something, it not works in some cases not overall.

    Quoting my features bullet list:

    Autostart (for providers that support them)

    It was in the context of using .mp4/.webm/.mkv/.ogg files with the iframe code, a technique I no longer recommend because of no controll over things like this or for a provider that not supports it.

    Its a technical thing and I can not do anything about it. I could/should? probably point you there sorry but I sometimes get annoyed by people who seem not to look for answers that are already there. Although there are 8 forum pages so I am not sure how you supposedly “went trough the first 10”. Also if you got from my answer that is not works, why even go look for the original then?

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