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[Resolved] Autoplay

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  • Plugin Author jethin


    Hi there. The newly upddate plugin (version 1.1) can load an optional ‘gss-custom.js’ file if it is found in the main GSS plugin directory. You can use this file to set custom slideshow options. An example ‘gss-custom.js’ file is included in the /assets/ directory. The functions in the example file are autoplay and pause on previous/next click.

    See the Cycle2 site for a list of supported options (some options may not be supported by the Gallery Slideshow plugin):



    Plugin Author jethin


    Hello again. I thought of a better way to do this and have added a new ‘options’ shortcode attribute that can be used to set custom slideshow options. Please update your plugin to the latest version (1.2) to use this new feature. See the Gallery Slideshow plugin home/description page for usage instructions. Thanks.

    Hi there,

    Jethin, I like the sound of your new options shortcode. But I’m being a bit dumb here.

    Would you mind spelling out exactly how I would use the shortcode to autoplay the slideshow?

    I’ve had a look at the links, but am none the wiser.

    Many thanks.

    OK, I figured it out 🙂


    does the job, where timeout is the time in milliseconds between slides.

    And in case anyone is interested, we can also set the the slide transition period like by adding some more code, like this:


    Again, time in milliseconds.

    Plugin Author jethin


    Yup, you’ve got it James. Documentation for options is available at the Cycle2 website. Note that plugin options use just the option name (omit the “data-cycle-” prefix) and are formatted as a query string.

    Plugin Author jethin


    Marking topic as resolved.

    Please can you help me?

    Im trying to use the pluigin to make my current galleries in posts into a slideshow. Ive tried to do as instructed and change ‘text’ coding but it just brings up big pictures that arent in a slideshow. Any ideas what im doing wrong?

    Plugin Author jethin


    Hi Laura. It’d be best if you started a new support thread for your issue, but offhand it sounds like you’re not replacing the shortcode keyword ‘gallery’ with ‘gss’ while in the visual editor’s text mode.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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