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    I have a problem in trying to re-order the thumbnails of several sub-pages on a website I’m working on…

    I tried to look for the information with no success. I can’t manage to order my thumbnails on my page…

    In my template, i use
    <?php print autonav_wl_shortcode(array('display'=>'images')); ?>

    The older gallery is the a-premier titre and the newest is the e-titre cinq.

    I would like to show the newer gallery at “the top”.
    I tried to add the shortcode [autonav display="images" columns="4" order="desc"]

    The settings of the plugin (EXCELLENT plugin by the way) are:
    Use sort_column : menu_order
    no excluded page

    Does someone know what i’m supposed to add to make the ‘desc’ order happen?

    Thank in advance for your help.

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  • Could you try this please:

    On line 461 of autonav-wl.php you should see:

    if (strtolower($attr['order']) =='rand') {

    Make this read:

    if (strtolower($attr['order']) =='rand') {
      } elseif (strtolower($attr['order']) =='desc') {
        $pages = array_reverse($pages);

    and see if that works with the shortcode you showed?

    You rule!
    Works perfectly!
    Thanks a lot.
    I mark this thread as resolved.

    Thanks again for your help and for the plugin!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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