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Automattic Stats plugin relies on WP.com, FYI

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  • Sorry about that, we decided to keep the dashboard on WP.com because 1) it’s faster and 2) it allows us to add new features without getting everyone to update their plugin. I hope it’s not too much trouble, we’ve updated it a bit already to have a link back to your WP.org dashboard and we’ll be tweaking it even more in the future.

    Thanks Matt. Since I logged in (.com) the first time it has remembered my login so it’s not actually difficult to click over, and the link-back helps. The Dashboards look so similar at first glance, but it’s not actually confusing.

    In short, it’s no big deal, but I didn’t get the impression it would act that way from the plugin description.

    The plugin works nice, and nothing against .com but I had a login/API key just never really go there cuz that’s not where my blog lives.

    It is a little misleading, with no mention of this until after you install the plugin…

    I have a wordpress hosted blog utbtkids.wordpress.com and two other blogs, http://www.desibioscope.net and http://www.utbtkids.com.

    I use the API key from my WP hosted blog for utbtkids.com for Akismet spam protection and for stats, it works beautifully.

    When I tried using the key for http://www.desibioscope.net, for stats, it does not accept the key.

    Any suggestions?

    truthandhappiness, does the error message tell you that somebody else’s key was used to register the blog?

    hi all, 2 questions

    1. can we use the same api key from wp.com for several wp.org sites? or create separate logins for each wp.org sites in order to have this plugin?

    2. my wp.com api key was working fine for my wp.org for few days but now it prompts me for userid ,pw..(earlier too it used to prompt but it wld accept my login,which is not the case now.both my login credentials for my site and wp.com is same but now its not accepting it.. i dont get any error but the login screen keeps coming and doesnt allow me to login, but i am logged in already and can access everything else.
    pls help

    It might be a cookies issue for the second issue. Worst case it edit your profile on your dashboard.wordpress.com and make sure the password and username are the same. Even if you can login to dashboard.wordpress.com will be a start 😉

    As for the first issue, I don’t think they mind if you use it for a couple of personal blogs, but nothing commercial. Worst case is you have a different wp.com account for a second API.


    Hi Everyone,
    I just did a fresh install of this plugin. I created a new WordPress.com account so I could get an API key. It was accepted fine. I went to try out the stats from within my own hosted blog dashboard, and put in the login for wordpress.com which matches my WordPress install login. The login screen simply refreshes with no error message.

    I checked my site template to ensure there is a call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> and there is. I’m out of ideas as to what else to try to make things work.


    Even logging into dashboard.wordpress.com doesn’t work for that account to show the stats?


    I am having the same problem as ziprz in that whenever I type in my username and password, the login screen keeps popping up with no error message.

    I do log into dashboard.wordpress.com, and can get the stats for my wordpress.com blog, but when I click on the stats for my wordpress.org blog, I get a graph that shows 0 hits (even though I know I’m getting hits).


    I’m getting the same problem too, just continues to ask for username and password.

    Me too. Any chance this can be fixed so I can view the stats from my blog admin page?

    I have been having the same problem. Internet Explorer version 6 and 7 just keep redisplaying the login prompt. Firefox logs in with no problem.

    I just installed WordPress and I am also having this issue with logging in but the frame does not change. It just keeps asking me to login over and over. I am also using IE7.

    It generally isn’t a good idea to reply to a thread that starts out describing a completely different issue. I suggest reporting this problem to us, Automattic through WordPress.com support, but please do include whether the problem happens on both IE7 and Firefox 2.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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