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    I installed this on my self-hosted blog several hours ago. It’s picking up views, referrers, and outgoing links fine, but in the Top Posts list, only today’s posts actually contain a title or a permalink. All other posts (including those that are still on the front page) are listed only by post ID number, and link to the main blog URL (with an extra /, suggesting that it’s inserting a null string in where the path would be).

    How does the stats server retrieve the title and permalink? Does it access the post pages? The feed? Is there an IP I should whitelist? Should I just wait a day and see if it sorts itself out?

    More at my post on the issue.

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  • New info: data is retrieved by XMLRPC. Apparently my server isn’t setting the $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA variable. Edit: make that under certain circumstances. It works fine on a test page, just not in xmlrpc.php.

    I’ve found that adding the following line at the beginning of WordPress’ xmlrpc.php solves it:

    $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA = file_get_contents("php://input");

    Now to do some tests and see whether it’s caused by Suhosin or by PHP 5.2.

    For the record, I backed out the Suhosin patch and extension, and a vanilla PHP 5.2.2 still requires the workaround for some reason. I’ve updated the original link with more detail.

    just made the workaround and now i’ll wait fos some hours to see whta will happen 🙂

    here a screenstamp of the problem

    DivShare File – stats.png

    Some new info gleaned from a pingback: It’s definitely a bug introduced in PHP 5.2.2 that affects XMLRPC. It’s fixed in CVS, so in theory it should be fixed in the next version of PHP… whenever that comes out.

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