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  • Hi everyone.

    So, this website has events, and all kinds of events: free, paid, talks, training, etc…

    I need some automations and user interface with that, and couldn’t find a plugin (or maybe a combination of plugins) that caters all these itens:

    1 – Interface automation

    – needs a plugin that shows the events by category with thumbnails.
    – when event is full, appear a message over the thumbnail (like “sold-out”).
    – under thumbnail and event title, a button to subscribe;
    – when subscriptions aren’t on already, appear a button “soon”.
    – long term courses: do I need a different plugin when the courses is divided by modules, and people can do some modules without any requirements, but some modules is required for another?

    2 – Subscriptions automation

    – aprove or not the subscribers (some events is focused on a specific group of professionals, that needs to prove their work experience to participate).
    – form subscription with option to send a professional resume.
    – a wait list for sold-out events
    – integration with bank slips and paypal
    – reminder message for upcoming events (when user is interested in an event that is not open to subscription yet).

    3 – Also…

    – don’t want people subscribing to the site, they won’t login for nothing, just receive information on their mail box.
    – if there’s a whatsapp integration, it could work pretty well for this kind of public.


    Now I’m using Events Manager, free version, with some cool functions, but not enough. If the premium can cover this list, I’ll buy it. But, as I read about this plugin, I don’t if it’s capable to do all that.

    Thanks, and if I’m in the wrong forum, please tell me witch one is more suitable.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    You’re on the wrong forum, moved to Fixing WordPress, this is not a Developing with WordPress topic.

    If anything, this topic is a job spec and that’s not appropriate for a volunteer support forum.

    Andrew Nevins


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    @larissacas What is your question? We can only help with pragmatical problems. We can’t do tasks like “Can you research a best plugin and theme for me?”

    Thread Starter Lara C


    @jdembowski not a job spec, and it’s not fixing. Just if someone knows about a plugin or a way to config anything on the list. I’m looking for a guide, because I’m not so familiar with the terms, maybe I’m searching with the wrong keywords.

    @anevins didn’t ask anyone to research anything. Just put the list here, if some knows about any of that, and then can give me a clue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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