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  • I’m using a plugin that lets me use pages for different post categories. I edited it to my needs, so these pages are only listing me the given categories’ post titles/links in an alphabetical order.

    Anyway, these lists are very long, and the plugin is using pagination. But the titles are not long, and right now the titles are on the left side, under each other, while there’s a lot of space left empty in the page.

    I would like to have these pages to be divided into 2 or even 3 columns, so after 10 links, it wont be necessary to jump to the next page using pagination, but it would start another column on the same page, and only break the page into a next pagination page after the 2nd or 3rd column.

    I don’t know if it’s comprehensible, there might be some confusion because of the wp page / pagination page.

    I guess this is not easy, but can someone think of a way?


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