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  • Is there a way that the Featured Image of a post can be set automatically without having to select it within the “add post” page?

    so for example in either of the following 2 cases
    1. when I create a new post, I insert one image to the post, and then some text, then I publish this. Note, that I haven’t set the featured image, but I would like the featured image to default to the image that has been included in the post.
    2. the second case is that if I wanted to create a post over email, I can set the image no problem so that I email with a subject, body and attach an image, now I would like that image to also be the “Featured Image’ of that post, but I don’t see any way that this can be done.

    You will notice that if I can achieve 1 above, it is likely that 2 would be solved too.

    Be great if anybody had any advice on this one!

    Thanks in advance

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  • The Easy Add Thumbnail plugin is the ONLY one that I could get to automatically add thumbnails (e.g. featured images) to my posts.

    I have my posts set up with manually typed HTML image links and this plugin automatically takes the first image listed and adds it as the posts featured image.

    Just thought others who stumble on this thread might be interested. 🙂

    Thanks Mark!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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