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  • I’m wondering if there is a way to set this up to where when someone registers on the site, it will automatically set specific roles.

    More specifically, i can already make the default user role “author” which is fine, however, i then need to go into Roles/General, and select specific things that i want people to have access to.

    In my case, i’m using a real estate plugin, and there is a section for property, land, commercial blah blah. the way that plugin works, is it essentially creates a new page for each listing.

    a user registers with my site, and then should be able to list their home. However, at the moment, i have to manually give them access. I need it to be automatically set. This is actually a very simplistic explanation of an incredibly complicated issue.

    but…. long story short….

    How do i make it automatic, instead of having to go to “assign general roles” and then select the user, and add them manually???

    Also, i have ZERO use for whoever signs up, to be able to post to “pages” itself. which, seems to always show up regardless of what i do.

    look.. is there ANYONE here who could walk me through this thing and set it up how i need it? KEVIN B do you want to make a few bucks????? i’m not going to trust just anyone to have access to my site lol.

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