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    I do use this plugin in an online shop for ebooks. Since we do have a lot of downloads per month this plugin is overloading our webspace frequently.

    At the moment is solved this with a cron job which is removing old files every hour.

    I would appreciate if the app itself had an option where the admin can set how long to keep watermarked pdf files. Or even just serve them on demand and never keep them at all.

    Regards, Mathias

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    Or even just serve them on demand and never keep them at all.

    As far as I’m aware, if a file doesn’t exist on the server, it cannot be served. Since there is no way for WaterWoo to tell when the PHP download process is finished, there is no way to delete the necessary file afterward. Cron is the way to go.

    It’s good you were able to set up a cron; that’s certainly an option for anyone using the free version of the plugin. Thank you.

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    Hello @mathias2010

    I haven’t heard back from you and so it seems your question is resolved. If not, please open a new support topic. Thank you!

    Hi there,

    I’d just like to clarify a few things on this topic. I too do not want the PDF files duplicated for every order (they are 40mb each and we sell hundreds, so you see the problem!).

    So I’m looking for a more dynamic watermarking solution where the file is generated on download and deleted afterwards. Do I understand correctly that this is the case with your plugin if Forced Downloads is selected? What about X-Accel-Redirect/X-Sendfile method?

    You also mentioned cron job as a solution for the free version specifically – does this mean the premium version has some additional functionality in this regard?

    Many thanks,

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    Hi @luthermax

    This plugin takes a PDF and manipulates it (meaning it can’t be stored exactly where it was found), then serves it, which necessarily means storing it somewhere at least until it is successfully served. With the forced method, there is literally no way of knowing when/if the file has been served, and so it stays on the server, and may or may not be deleted with the WaterWoo method do_cleanup() which is attached to PHP shutdown, not some flag that says “the file is completed being downloaded,” because we cannot know.

    Of course, there is an option to take this free plugin and literally do anything with it you like. The paid version does have more functionality and more opportunities for customization/extension. Both plugins are a great place to start, and definitely the most robust WP watermarking plugins out, but still can’t make everyone happy. I recommend if you wish to stay with the free plugin, rolling up your sleeves or even better hiring a developer to set up a cron and get those files removed on a schedule. Even with the paid version, you still might find yourself wanting to adjust and tinker to get it just right for you.

    The paid version comes with the option of a (filterable) weekly removal schedule. You could set it to hourly if you want with a few lines of PHP code.

    Thanks for your detailed reply, will review and see if it can be modified to our needs.

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    @luthermax The plugin can 100% be modified to your needs. If you would like us to consider adding any filter or action hooks to make something easier for your purpose, just let us know! Thank you.

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