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    I was wondering what the best way to hook into a woocommerce endpoint would be. For example I want the modal (containing a feedback form) to pop up only after the checkout is completed. I can use a woocommerce hook to add a div with the correct class name to the right point but I want it to pop up automatically and only at this time.

    I was thinking of using echo do_shortcode() to add the modal but I’m having trouble finding documentation concerning shortcodes.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Plugin Author danieliser


    @mantismamita – WooCommerce Targeting Conditions will be included in v1.3 which should be in beta later this week and available next week. This would likely offer what your after.

    Specifically you want to auto open a popup on the thank you page? I will try to be sure that functionality can be done when I do my testing.

    Great @danieliser, I’ll look forward to it!

    By the way can you point me to any documentation concerning shortcodes?

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @mantismamita – In your case I wouldn’t use the shortcode. Shortcodes are only for click open popups. For an auto open popup you would create it using the popup editor and targeting conditions.

    Hope this helps.

    @danieliser I was actually just curious where they were documented, since other people in the support forum made reference to them. I just can’t find any mention of them.

    I’ll wait for the targeting conditions for the thank you page though 🙂

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @mantismamita – Gotcha. The official documentation on them is sparse as they are not used very often.

    Simplest usage would be

    [popup id="inline" title="Optional Title" size="tiny"]Some Content Here[/popup]
    [popup_trigger id="inline" tag="button" class="my-button"]Open the Popup[/popup_trigger]

    The only required attribute is the ID and it should match. Instead of using the popup_trigger you could also simply add the class popmake-inline to any element and it would trigger that popup as well.

    There are tons of optional parameters for the popup shortcode but I will have to put together some docs for them. May try to do so tomorrow for you.

    Thank you @danieliser. That would be great. I imagine they would be very handy for one off pop-ups added via the text editor.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @mantismamita – Absolutely, or inline inside of templates as well. Check out our extensions page for an example of this. Clicking the buy now button shows an inline popup that is rendered inside the loop for reach item.

    Hi Daniel,
    Just getting back to this and having a bit of a problem with one of the popups. It is a popup that should only display on a specific page which is the order received page which is the woocommere thankyou page endpoint. I can’t seem to get the popup to display solely on this page. I isn’t loading when I select Specific pages -> Order received.


    To debug I’ve added :

    if (is_order_received_page){
    		echo popmake_popup_is_loadable( 13819 ) ?  'yes' :  'no';
    		popmake_get_popup( 13819 );
    		echo '<div class="popmake-13819"></div>';

    but I can’t find the function to load the scripts manually on this page.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @mantismamita – This is what your looking for.


    Also you you need to use is_wc_endpoint_url( "order-received" ) as your condition for the filter. You could even simplify to

    if ( $popup_id == '123' ) {
        return is_wc_endpoint_url( "order-received" );
    return $is_loadable;

    Which should make the popup only load on that specific page.

    Thank you again 🙂

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @mantismamita – Not a problem.

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