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    Hi there.

    Thanks for this plugin which is far the best I’ve found to manage events.

    My question is more a feature request : I’ve notice some plugin can automatically insert code in archive / single page (I’m thinking about AddThis for example). Is it possible to do the same with Event Organiser and the event-related metas ?

    Because I’m using a weird template, in which I didn’t succeed to design a custom template for Event Organiser… Plus, it will allow to automatically update outpout when the plugin / the template will be update : no more coding needed !

    Thanks !

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  • There are potentially plans to have a simple ‘plug and play’ option – which adds content automatically – but this won’t be very (if at all) customisable.

    The problem with using this method with something like events is that people use the plug-in for a wide range of purposes – and according will want their page laid out in a certain way with certain information. Adding this in automatically and adding options to change it is a nightmare in terms of UI, restrictive in what you can offer and ultimately the wrong way to do it.

    By using templates which can be over-ridden in the theme – the design and layout of the page can be taken over by the theme with template files (as it should be) – rather than the plug-in. Of course, editing the templates does require a bit of knowledge :).

    Is there a php function like “if is event” ?

    Trying to improve my knowledge ^^

    Yup, if you have a post ID stored in $post_id, (inside the loop you can get this with get_the_ID():

    if( 'event' == get_post_type($post_id) ){
            //Post is an event
            //Post is NOT an event

    See the Codex:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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