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  • Hello

    I have created my blog recently for my images, I am in some trouble & want some solution, I hope there will be some solution

    I have my images in 800×600 or bigger, I hosted them on photobucket. When I pasted my photobucket image link on my blog, this size disturb my blog layout, as I need to scroll to much to rightward & downward etc.

    I want solution that, image on my blog should be in fixed (defined) width & height, regardless, what is actually resolution, & if someone want to view full image, click on that & actual image should display, whether on same window or in new window. (Please remind, this is not photo gallery blog, this is an article blog with images, related to articles).

    Please help me.


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  • Upload your images into WordPress itself using the built-in image uploader. Only then can it do resizing of images and such. If you’re hosting your images elsewhere, then WordPress can’t do anything to them without a plugin or something.

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