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  • Hey all,

    I’ve been trying to find something on this everywhere and can’t find anything. I actually figure I must be either doing something wrong or not asking the questions right, cause I refuse to believe no one is trying to do this themselves.

    Here is what I need:
    I want to be able to write something in a post, then post a link below and have the information automatically fetched from the link source… including a description, title, and image (if available). This would work very similar to how facebook, digg, and google+ do their link posts. Currently if I post a link, it just posts the url… unless I do all that stuff very manually.

    I run a blog, and from time to time I like to post links I find interesting to it. I use this blog much like many use their social network. I found a plugin that claims to do this called “User Link Feed” but when I installed it… it didn’t appear to work. I must be doing something wrong or not understanding what I am asking…. please help! Thanks so much!


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