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    Ever since 2.7, whenever we open an old post, the “Enable Post Expiration” box is checked, and the current time and date is selected as the expiration date.

    Our users, which mostly do not use this feature, update their article, and then it automatically expires because they don’t notice the menu item is checked.

    Here’s a screenshot showing the issue.

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    Auto-Enable is Disabled on all post types.

    Also, just to be clear, this is only an issue on old posts, not new posts.

    I’ve tried disabling the plugin and reenabling it. That did not resolve the issue.

    I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled it, and this did not resolve the issue either.

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    We do have the same problem (and already installed 2.7.1). It’s only on older posts. I can say it happens with every post, befor 09-16-2021 (I think on this day I made an update of the plugin to 2.5.0).

    Every post thats newer than this date, it doesn’t happen…

    We have the same issue (using 2.7.1) This did not happen before the “name-change-only” update.

    Auto-enable is OFF for all post types. But when opening post to edit, the auto-expire is “on” and the date/time of expiration is precisely when the post is opened to edit.

    I’d like to report the same issue on a site we built and maintain. A client reported that some pages have unpublished themselves after she edited them yesterday. The plugin is not set to auto expire pages and the client did not set any pages to expire. Most pages on the site are a couple years old or more in case that matters. WP and all plugins are up to date.

    Can also confirm the bug on site’s we maintain. This is resulting in absolute havoc on our client experiences.

    I noticed a diagnostics tab within the plugin settings which shows which posts are currently set to expire. That may be helpful info to site editors as they try to track down which posts are about to expire. Unfortunately I don’t see a log of already expired posts to make it easier to re-publish them. I just enabled the debug logs on that same screen so that may make life easier on the editors moving forward until this gets patched.


    Plugin Author andergmartins


    Thanks guys for the feedback.

    @flog @inhouse @bpence Please, could you let us know if you are using Gutenberg or Classic editor?

    This particular site uses the classic editor (older build). I am unaware of any other sites affected at the moment. Thanks for the help!

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    We are on Gutenberg.

    Classic editor here.

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    Thanks, guys! We are trying to replicate it but we can’t see the issue anymore on v2.7.1.

    Please, could you try cleaning up the browser cache before trying again?

    Please, does that happen only when you save the post using the post editor? Or does that happen if you try to quick-edit the post?`

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    My multiple sites are on 2.7.1, and all are experiencing the same issue.
    Cleaning out the browser cache did not help. That was my first thought. I also cleared out any server caches too.
    Multiple users on Mac and Windows and multiple browsers (Safari, Edge, Chrome, Brave and Firefox) are all experiencing it.
    We had to disable the plugin completely.

    Just reactivated it on a dev server, cleared browser cache, cleared server cache, and it’s still behaving the same on the post editor:

    But it is not doing this on the Quick Edit view:

    Plugin Author Steve Burge


    One way to help is to use a plugin like this to rollback to an earlier version: Does this feature work if you go back to a specific version?

    A second way to disable other plugins one-by-one to see if that helps. Is there a plugin conflict here?

    A third way is to post a screenshot of your “Defaults” and “Post Type” settings.`

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    We are having this same issue happen. Two “pages” that existed since the site’s inception, basically, were trashed upon updating them. We are using the classic editor.

    After reading the posts here, I am seeing similar results. However, it’s not consistent. I just edited a post that was published “Jun 16, 2014” and when I edit it, I see PublishPress Future is enabled with an expiration date of right now (to the minute) when I edited the post. However, I edited another page published “Sep 1, 2014” and that one does not have the expiration enabled. A third test for a page published on “Dec 15, 2014” DOES has the expiration set to the exact minute right now.

    Using the rollback plugin mentioned, I rolled back to 2.7.0 (we were on 2.7.1 even though your documentation says it’s not released) and now when I edit either of those pages I mentioned, they do NOT have the expiration set.

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    Since the plugin update (we’re on 2.7.1) we continue to have this issue. A couple observations:

    1. We see many “cron event not found” msgs in the posts list for recent posts assigned an expiration. The fix needed is to uncheck “enable post expiration” > update the post > recheck “enable post expiration” (choose the desired date/time) > and update. And hope that’s the end of it. Note that for us, these steps do not ‘stick’ when using quick edit and have no effect. I confirmed this is a recent issue by checking one of our dev sites that has version 2.6.2 installed. None of the same posts in this dev site display “cron event not found.”

    2. We often use Yoast Duplicate Post and have since the site launched. Could it be that duplicating previous posts is bringing along ‘old pre-2.7’ code that does not play nice with the latest plugin version? Just a thought.

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