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  • I have tried subscribe2 and email-users, but I could not find a possibility to automatically inform all users if a new post is posted.
    -> REgardless of WHO posted it and
    -> regardless whether they subscribed to getting it per email or not.

    I want them to get a notification via email. they should not have to do anything in accordance to receive those notifications.
    Why? I have a blog with only a few subscribers, but they dont know nothing about blogs and soone. They want to receive a link in their mailbox if something happens and thats it.

    so everyone should get a message if there is any change on the blog: new post, new page or new comment.

    Thank you.

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  • I am afraid there is nothing like that. If they don’t sign up how are they supposed to get notification?

    I signed them up with their email accounts. I can do this as admin.

    It is a collaboration homepage: there are 10 fixed users. When the project starts officially, I want to send them their login data and they shall be notified of any changes like mentioned above.

    You signed them up for what? Or do you mean you registered them as “users” (authors, whatever)?

    No, there is no such WP feature that sends emails to all registered users.

    I registered them as users.(authors)

    So I have to force them to use RSS if they want to keept them updated?
    They wont check this out…

    And there is no way to keep the users informed instantly when a change on the blog happenes without RSS feed? Sounds strange to me.

    Thanks for the answers so far.

    E.G.: if I want to be updated for this thread, I have to come here to refresh the page or subscribe to the RSS feed for this topic. I have a dozen topics meanwhile or more in Firefox. And they update not instantly and I have to look in the folder. IT is really inconvenient…
    If I would receive an email if there is a change, that would make this whole blogthing more usable. For this support-purpose here and for my project-page too.

    True, this Forum is not ideal in that it does not have email subscribe-to-my-threads functionality. But it does offer RSS and a My Profile page to locate updates to threads you posted in, so try those methods.

    As for WordPress and your 10 users. I am very sympathetic. I think there are many uses of WP that are outside the “normal public blog”, and I think the alternative uses should be supported as well, such as: company website, personal diary, photoblog, moblog, podcast, comic series, review collection, poetry collection, glossary, etc.

    That said. Most of the regular WP forum people seem to be against the idea of Admins emailing Users without the Users specifically requesting it or signing-themselves-up. This is probably justified because, for the typical public blog, doing that would be considered Spam. Everyone’s against spam and against using WP for spam. So there isn’t an advertised way to email your Users. If there was, then a site with 1000 users might email them spam every day. (But they could easily do that anyway, collecting the addys from the Admin panel by-hand, so preventing this functionality seems trivial and silly anyway to me).

    However technically it could be coded. There is 1 simple plugin Kaf made that will give you a nice comma deliniated list of the email addys of your registered users, then you can email them whatever you want. But since you only have 10, you can collect their email addys into a list by-hand in a few minutes, so that plugin wouldn’t help you anyway.

    In short, you need to gather up the 10 email addresses, and zap them a quick email when you make a post on the blog. OR sign up for FeedBurner and use their easy Subscribe By Email thing (you would have to help your 10 people subscribe themselves, but it’s really quite easy, a matter of typing in their email addy and confirming the request by email). Or use some kind of Subscribe/Digest plugin that’s out there already, and try to enter the Users yourself so they don’t have to mess with it.

    I understand if your particular users would never use RSS. That’s how it is with some sites, that’s reality even if you recommend the feeds.

    Good luck & hope these thoughts help in some way



    One possibility might be to set up all your users as a “list” (either BCCs in your email client, or using Mailman or the like) where you can email one address, and they all get it. Then make that address your admin address in WP, so that any notification you would get as Admin, they all get it too. That might be more than you want them to get, but it might be a starting place for some other ideas.

    HTH 🙂



    I’ve been on a quest for a similar feature, which is why I stumbled on this thread. I found this page in the Codex with a bunch of email plugins, with varying functionality which might be adapted.

    The closest to what you have described is this one.

    And this one lets you email users based on their role, but you have to do it manually.

    HTH 🙂

    For Snyderjoe:
    I had a similiar requirement to yours but have 50-60 members to notify on “new” posts and “comments”. Most mailed on either new posts or new comments, but not both. Email notifications go out regardless of who posts. Author doesn’t get the email. The plugin wp_notify_members here fit the bill:

    1. Adds a user or admin setable dropdown box in member profile for No Notify, Notify of Posts, Notify of Comments, or Notify of Posts and Comments.
    2. Can choose to notify everyone on per post basis.
    3. Can choose to notify on post edit.
    4. Other conditions can be found in the plugin change log.

    1. With 50-60 members requires quite a bit of time to complete post and return successful post msg. Probably shouldn’t be a problem with 10 members. Some members think system has timed out and hit exit or refresh (not good).
    2. Periodically an email of new post failed to go out due to WP autosave function. (Disabled autosave, now works fine).
    3. WP_notify_members is not being supported currently.

    Subscribe2 tries to do too much, was far too complex for my use, and added gobs of SQL database records, but if just the “mail” function of Subscribe2 that sends one or more emails to members as BCC’s could replace “mail” function of wp_notify_members that sends a separate email to each member, it could be a fantastic plugin. Creating a separate email to 60 members takes forever.
    If anyone here with more knowledge of PHP than myself is interested in helping to swap just the mail code, it shouldn’t be much work, I would be more than happy to fill you in and help test it out.

    Belay that request for PHP help…… I worked it out.

    I use for this function. I use their free service and it works great. Just set up an acount and use your blog RSS feed URL. The send out an update email with whatever frequency you choose. Mine goes out at 2am whenever there is a new post.

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