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  • suntower



    Sorry if this is a totally noob question. Hi, I’m a musician and I’d like to figure out a way (if possible) to automagically send my blog posts over to the blogs on my Facebook and Myspace band pages.

    As my as I’ve tried to fight the tide, many fans simply ‘live’ inside those places and I’m getting sick of cutting/pasting the same info over and over and over.

    I saw something in plug-ins called ShareThis but I didn’t go for it immediately as it looks like another 3rd party deal–I was hoping that there was a ‘self-contained’ solution. Or maybe I misunderstood how ShareThis works.

    Can do?



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  • Mohit Kumar


    try sociable plugin



    Thanks, this is cool but it isn’t exactly what I’m after. This adds a button to each post so that readers can share. What I -want- is my content to be automatically published to my Facebook and Myspace pages in one step after I publish them to WordPress.

    Any other ideas?



    Mohit Kumar


    I dont think so it is possible because you have to authenticate on these websites.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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