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  • Is there a way of automatically creating a user’s site when they register on my main site? I don’t want to do this for new users of sub sites, just for new users of the main site (

    By site I mean a subfolder site.

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  • All users are network members, not site members. Making an account doesn’t actually add yourself to any site on the network.

    You can set up Mutlsiite to make a new site when a user registers.

    Go to

    Look under Registration Settings 🙂

    Hi Mika,

    I do see the Registration settings and I see where users can be allowed to create sites, but I’m not seeing a setting that automatically creates their site.

    At this point I’ve installed s2Member plugin and it appears to have taken control of most of the Registration Settings options, which I think is favorable at this time. I might have a reason to change that later, but still, I don’t see where I can set to have a site automatically created.

    I would like to have a site created for the user under specific circumstances. For example, say I have a pay site that also allows a free membership also. The only reason someone would pay for a subscription is to get their own site. In that case I don’t see a reason for asking them to check a checkbox to create it, I just want to do it and inform them of their URL. Free members can not have a site no matter what.

    Thank you Mika!

    Okay, now we’re talking custom plugin-land.

    The site is never ‘automatically’ created, it’s always created when you’ve made your account. You can change the setting to create sites only if you’re a registered user, so expanding on that, possibly you can hook into the signup page and deetect if someone’s paid or not, and only if they have, let them make a site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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