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  1. rwkiii
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Is there a way of automatically creating a user's site when they register on my main site? I don't want to do this for new users of sub sites, just for new users of the main site (mydomain.com).

    By site I mean a subfolder site.

  2. All users are network members, not site members. Making an account doesn't actually add yourself to any site on the network.

    You can set up Mutlsiite to make a new site when a user registers.

    Go to mydomain.com//wp-admin/network/settings.php

    Look under Registration Settings :)

  3. rwkiii
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Mika,

    I do see the Registration settings and I see where users can be allowed to create sites, but I'm not seeing a setting that automatically creates their site.

    At this point I've installed s2Member plugin and it appears to have taken control of most of the Registration Settings options, which I think is favorable at this time. I might have a reason to change that later, but still, I don't see where I can set to have a site automatically created.

    I would like to have a site created for the user under specific circumstances. For example, say I have a pay site that also allows a free membership also. The only reason someone would pay for a subscription is to get their own site. In that case I don't see a reason for asking them to check a checkbox to create it, I just want to do it and inform them of their URL. Free members can not have a site no matter what.

    Thank you Mika!

  4. Okay, now we're talking custom plugin-land.

    The site is never 'automatically' created, it's always created when you've made your account. You can change the setting to create sites only if you're a registered user, so expanding on that, possibly you can hook into the signup page and deetect if someone's paid or not, and only if they have, let them make a site.

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