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  1. chadrew
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm not sure whether this belongs in suggestions or how-to, but here goes. When I add an image to an unpublished post I'm editing, and set it to link to the attachment page, the link looks like this:


    When I publish the post, however, it gets converted to this:


    But the links to attachments that I add manually (for example `<a href="
    myblog.com/?attachment_id=XXX">this is a pretty cool image</a>`) do not get converted, so I have to publish the post, and then go back and edit it again.

    I upload images through the post edit screen, so they get automatically attached to the post.

    Why don't attachment links I add myself get converted to "pretty permalinks", and is there some sort of a simple fix for this?

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