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  • Hi

    Your plugin is awesome but i found one issue.
    I had many existing pages before i am instal that plugin, and in plugin description we can read “When update subpage (child page), then update menus” so i tried to update these pages to add them to menu. Unfortunately that not working. It is a little issue but would be nice if you improved this.

    I have a suggestion (maybe i should create separated topic), could you add option for plugin works only for second level pages (or third, fourth level etc.)? Im try to add this manually in my copy but would be awesome if you add this feature to official plugin.

    Best regards

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    Plugin Author jojoee


    Hi @pewu,
    I’m so sorry for late reply,
    I was stuck in my master-degree process.

    Are you still have an issue?
    (cause I saw your message that you already solved the issue)

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    Thank you for reply.
    I was wrong, my second post was for another topic so i’m edited it. I have not found option to delete it ;).

    Back to the topic, i did not solved issues desribed in the main post, because i have no idea how to do this. But im found another problem, which was more important for me – after updating the page order, nav menu did not update. I’m added some lines of code and solved that problem, but it was simpliest issue.

    Here is my updated code which include changes about what i desribe above.
    (I never used “github” so i’m just paste it on pastebin):

    If you find a moment it would be nice if you could check my code, and maybe put it in main plugin ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here is only one error, when we have two pages with same menu order then last updated item gets zero position (in nav menu).

    For main issue i have not idea because i did not found how to add custom meta to menus with native wordpress functions, and i have not idea how to add option for update existing pages to nav menu.

    Plugin Author jojoee


    Hi PeWu,

    Can you check this for me ?, so I can replicate the issue easily.
    And if you can provide plugin and wordpress version that you are using, would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

    Issue 1: “When update subpage (child page) then update menus” not work
    step to replicate
    1. create subpage
    2. add subpage to menu
    3. update menu of this subpage
    4. the menu should be updated (regarding step 3 we changed), but it doesn’t

    Issue 2: updated-subpage that have same-menu level should do nothing
    step to replicate
    1. create 3 sub-pages with the same menu level
    2. update the second sub-page (just update don’t change menu level of it)
    expected: should update nothing
    happened: it moves to zero position (error)
    check out, solved code here

    Feature request
    1. work only n-level of menu

    Nathachai Thongniran

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