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  • Has anyone been able to get the automatic wp mp3 player plugin made by Automatic Jack? I have tried commenting on his blog as well as sent him an email but have received no response. If anyone out there has been able to work that out or has any better idea to play mp3s on a blog, please do respond. 🙂

    I am able to get all of the files uploaded, but then when I try to upload a song, I get the Page Cannot be Displayed when using the Perl Script. I tried without using the Perl Script, and I got an error: Error: Unable to upload ABC.mp3. Please help!

    Thanks alot!

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  • Hey, I have no idea about the Automatic plugin, but I just finished a similar plugin that displays a flash mp3 player for all the mp3 links in your post. It’s not final, but almost.


    Also check out



    I d/l the latest version last nite, and got it working, but I had to FTp my mp3 files to the /files/ directory.

    Once the files were there, I hit the flag for ‘external file’, typed the full URL of the filename, and hit upload..and it appeared on the file list. Another problem is that the graphics in the /theme/ directory are not linked to properly. I had to edit the PLUGIN to remove some extra ‘/’ and then, move the button graphics from the /theme/ directory to the directory that the /theme/ directory is in. After doing that, the graphics appeared.

    Upon putting the linking php code on the page, and playing with that a little bit (look at the README file in the download) I was able to get those on the page.

    Take a look.

    The controls are on the right side mid page.

    I did notice that the player does NOT work in Firefox, tried on 4 different Firefox computers today.

    What’s up with that?

    Did download a demo of Wimpy Player to look at. Also, consider Radio.Blog, now at version 2.3. I’ve seen one blog running this, and have played with it on other sites. Looks like a good opportunity.


    Hello when I install and activate Sidney’s plugin, I get this error:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘{‘ in /home/p5hng/public_html/herwords/wp-content/plugins/sid_mp3_player.php on line 39

    What is the problem?


    do you remember which blogs you’ve seen the running on? I tried to add it to mine but get a URL requested not found error message on mine.

    Would be curious to look at their code.



    it means there’s a { where there shouldn’t be on or near line 39 of the script. 😛

    Viper: I’m totally PHP-dumb. There IS a { on line 39, but when I remove it, the script spazzes out even more.



    I’m sorry for that problem. I only forgot one word, and that was that. So now I uploaded a new version with that word, and this one should work as expected. Sorry for the problems.


    This is so simple…
    Let it be known…your plugin rocks!

    The WordPress XSPF player is one of the best ways to play MP3s within wordpress.

    It is XHTML compliant and easy to configure.

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