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  1. lxg
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I've already posted this to the hackers ML, but I think there might be some people in these forums, who are interested in this, too.

    I developed a management package for WordPress, which will perform backups and upgrades each with a single click. It is called WP-Manage. It is developed entirely in PHP and is an addon to WordPress. (Not a plugin, though, because it is not called by the WP plugin subsystem but it's rather WP-Manage to pull in WordPress.)

    The Backup routine creates a MySQL dump of the WP tables, gathers all WP files and puts all this stuff into a nice zip file. The Upgrade routine downloads the latest WordPress, unpacks it, deletes the old files and inserts the new ones. All these actions don't require funky PHP extensions -- they are all handled by the WP-Manage package, together with some nice third-party-libs.

    The backup and the upgrade routine are independent from each other, and it is to say that the upgrade feature might not be the right thing for every one. But e.g. if you installed WordPress for a friend or a customer with no knowledge of FTP, PHP and MySQL, you might find an ideal solution in this upgrade feature.

    Documentation, screenshots and downloads are available at the WP-Manage homepage. Feedback is very apprechiated.

  2. lxg
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Short note to the people who already downloaded it and have it in use: There was a little error which made the app download WP not from wordpress.org but from my server. You can download the updated package or correct the mistake yourself with a little tweak.

    For more, please read the "Update" section at

  3. mutube
    Posted 9 years ago #

    mastermind: Sounds like an good project. I'm not sure if you've included this ability already, but I've just developed a plugin which provides plugin update information using wp-plugins.net to provide the data.

    Feel free to make use of the code if you want to add these features to your own system. From what you've said it sounds as though with this it would provide a complete upgrade ability?

  4. alainS
    Posted 9 years ago #

    You guys rocks.
    If you make a mashup of both we'll get a nice and usefull plugin :)

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