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    On one domain, auto updates to core and plugin are simply refusing to finish and I can’t work out why. The core update to latest version just hung at the ‘Downloading update’ stage and didn’t progress even though I left it several hours. Eventually I refreshed the page and the dashboard told me it had installed latest version, but now the plugin updates are hanging too.

    Steps taken:
    Tried to auto-update WordFence plugin but hung as above. Deactivated all plugins and tried again, still hung. Refresh got me the ‘Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.’ message, so deleted the .maintenance file and got back to dashboard. Removed WordFence plugin, tried installing again. Hung at ‘downloading plugin’ screen. Downloaded the plugin in my browser and then FTP’ed it to the server, and it finally installed correctly. The other plugin that has an update available is WooCommerce, and that is hanging as above. I don’t want to remove the plugin, download latest version and FTP it, because of course I have customisations (and products) that will all have to be put back. Any advice?

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  • Additional Info:
    This domain has ALWAYS been slow and I wondered if timeouts were halting things. The WP installation is in a subfolder, /2013site/, because it isn’t finished yet and the old ‘zencart’ installation is still operating in the root. The root domain,, is loading reasonably, but loads a lot slower. I have another WP installation in another subfolder on the same domain, and THAT loads slowly too, and has also just failed to auto-update the same plugins. The fact that it’s happened to two completely independent installations of WP make me think it isn’t something I’ve done and is instead related to the domain itself?

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    Actually I WAS being mindful of the ‘bumping’ rules when I posted – by adding the Additional Info post I was inadvertently making it look like a post that had been responded to already, which of course it hasn’t! In an ideal world I’d edit the first post to include the info from the second, but the opportunity to edit is only there for a short time?
    Nevertheless, thanks for the reminder, and if you’ve any clues on the problem, I’d love to hear!

    Just to update this for anyone else suffering the same problem.

    I was really worried about this, because a site without updates is much more vulnerable to hackers. Disappointed not to get any answers here as it’s always been such a great resource, but maybe nobody else has come up with it! Anyway, just came back to my desk after a few days and discovered that all my failed plugin updates had mysteriously sorted themselves. No idea how, or why, but the issue was resolved with nothing more than an application of time 🙂

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