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    Is it possible to turn the automatic updates off?

    Need help with this urgently.


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  • Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Hi @jd1234,

    Give does not auto-update by default.

    However, a security issue was recently discovered which necessitated the wordpress.org team pushing out a fix to prevent sites from being compromised. The ONLY thing that was changed in that forced update was a patch for the security vulnerability. All other updates are still manual, unless you’ve got a system in place that auto updates.

    If your site was on version 2.0.6 (for example) you would be updated to 2.0.7, NOT the latest 2.4.7.

    Again, the only change that was made via forde update was a patch for the security issue.

    ​​Let me know if that resolves things, or if you need further assistance. ​Thanks for using Give! Have a great day.



    oh okay, that makes sense now.

    Our plugin was automatically updated to 2.4.7. We tried to restore it from backup but it updates immediately after the backup is restored.

    We had made custom changes in the plugin. But after initial debugging I can see most of them are there. We are able to make it functional again.

    Thanks for getting back asap on this. This was very worrying for good 3 hours.

    Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Hi there,

    The best course of action to avoid problems like this is to never modify the files that ship with the core plugin, and instead modify using custom snippets or functionality plugins.

    If you need assistance implementing custom PHP code on your website we have this guide:


    Glad you got everything sorted out!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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