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    Hi there quick question to everyone. I have had a site for 3 years on a mockup and its been sat there waiting on the client to populate. It was an old version 3.5 maybe. I get an emasil this morning :-

    “Howdy! Your site has been updated automatically to WordPress 3.8.1.”

    The site is completely FUBAR’d, I am not too fussed as they havnt been in touch yet and Ive got a feeling its been updated manually. Is the only way this update could have happened is for the client to have pressed the update himself?

    I am aware of these auto updates and was under the impression it was minor releases that would auto update from 3.7 with security patches. But for the big version releases you have to still ‘press the button’.

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  • Automatic minor updating was only introduced in WordPress 3.7. So your client must have been using 3.7 – not 3.5.1.

    Hey Esmi,

    Thanks for your reply I feel silly asking this question as I know its impossible.

    You would think so but it hasnt been touched in atleast a year which would make it impossible with from what I understand 3.7 only coming out in late September.

    However still it shouldnt automatically run a core update eitherway anyway should it?

    Cheers dude

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Can you ask your hosting providers if they had involvement in this?

    However still it shouldnt automatically run a core update eitherway anyway should it?

    If the client was running WP 3.7 or above, then minor core updates would have been carried out automatically (eg 3.8 -> 3.8.1) but not major updates (3.7 -> 3.8). Having said that, I have seen some evidence of hosts upgrading WP themselves when the site owner seems to have neglected the site. And who cam blame theme when old versions of WP do constitute a potential server security risk?

    So do follow Andrew’s advice and check with the hosting company about this.

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for the late reply manic afternoon coding. Thanks Andrew I did contact the hosts first things for backups etc. To my surprise a backup from a week ago was at 3.8.

    So after digging in the FTP I noticed all the plugins had also been manually updated on the 6th of January as was wordpress.

    Obviously this then broke the site which the client never mentioned too us. Then we had the auto update email today.

    So before I got an irrate client I rang him to ask if they updated it and that the site had broken. He was none the wiser however he took on an inhouse junior coder to input content and tweak the site, which he was still doing (with the white screen of death?).

    Turns out the new apprentice had gone in on the first day and updated wordpress and all plugins not realising the custom plugins that were built for the site. Then he has neglected to tell the boss the site was FUBAR’d, so hours of head scratching came down to an apprentice not being honest, im sure he will live and learn.

    Thanks for your input though guys much appreciated you’ve backed up what I thought either way so you’ve filled me with more confidence yet again Esmi :).


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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