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  • The automatic update to WP 3.9 from 3.8.3 disconnected all my media libraries and I cannot find a way to connect them back.
    The directory structure is intact and the uploads folder is there but the media library is saying that it has no files.

    The result is that all my images on the website seem broken. Can someone please help.

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  • I have read all the documentation about this release. Even the troubleshooting steps.
    I cannot see why I have lost all the media library images (except the most recent – 18 of them and I have hundreds) from the Admin panel.
    I have also changed the theme and went to the 2013 default. No joy.

    I have disabled all plugins and re-activated them one by one. No joy.

    Why would I lose old images from the library? How do I go about restoring images that are in the uploads folder but not being recognised by the media library ?

    Can someone please help. Media library problems have not been reported anywhere else in the forum the way i see it (except the upload of new media where it had to do with TinyMCE and WPML, which I don’t use).

    I don’t get any errors to provide here. If you go to the website though you will see that many images are just broken because WP media library doesn’t know they’re there.

    Specific page?

    All images are showing for me 🙂

    This is happening to me also. I upgraded and was looking forward to using the new features. However, none of my pages had pictures or video. I went to the library and it shows the dreaded “X”. I have no idea how to get the media back without deleting them all and reinstalling. Please help.

    Were the images added and/or displayed by a plugin by chance?

    I added them in the Media Library. I didn’t use a plugin (that I can remember). They looked fine with the last version. I am a real beginner with WordPress so this is frustrating me to no end.

    I not really sure what could be happening!

    If you upload an image to a new post now and publish, does it work?

    Can you reply with a link to a page with an example broken image?

    Here is one of the pages:

    And this is what I see in the library also.

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    Aye that does sound like more than a minor annoyance.
    If you don’t mind, I’d like some additional details which will help pinpoint the source of it all.

    You mention an automated update from 3.8.3 to 3.9, was this done by the hosting provider, or did you enable those your self? If so, which provider do you use?

    Also do you have FTP access your self and can confirm the existence of the media in that folder by it self?

    For reference, I checked and looked around in that post for a broken image and came up with this:×150.jpg

    Here is what I see when I try to open that link:

    A 403 Forbidden error indicates the file permissions aren’t setup correctly. And that sounds like a web server problem, not a WordPress issue. You might consider checking with your web host to see if they can help you make sure your file permissions are correct (send them the example above!). Or if you’re keen to try repairing the permissions yourself, this might be a good place to start:

    +1 to Clorith’s questions as well

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    @yakos How did the upgrade occur? Did you click the upgrade button from within WordPress? Or did it happen by something your webhost did?

    Additionally, how did you originally install WordPress to begin with?

    Additionally, who is your web hosting service?

    Thanks @samuel,
    The upgrade happened automatically. I did not press the button. Actually it happened while I was asleep and when I woke up in the morning my website was broken.
    I did not only lose connection to the image library. I also lost a large number of the images.
    I did many restores since then and have brought back some of the images. I have also changed the theme, thinking that it may be the theme that caused some of the problems. I went to the Two-Fourteen theme but my images were gone.
    Here’s a page where all images have not been restored because I cant find them anywhere.
    Here is another

    Originally wordpress was installed manually. I actually transferred the website from one host to another back in December. Everything was fine until the automatic upgrade.

    Webhosting is with webcity. I talked to them to try and get my complete website back but they could not help because their full backup happened after my site was broken. My database backup I could not restore because it was 76MB whilst only 50MB maximum was allowed.

    Luckily I had the backup from the old host laying around and restored some of the images from there. I am still restoring and there is a lot of work to do.

    Checking something else yesterday I also found that “WP Table reloaded” plugin uploads are lost. They were part of the media library… :{ Example is on this page where all the links to the media in the second table are broken (media missing)

    I manually updated to the newest version when it asked me too. And I manually installed the program. My webhost is inMotion and we have our other website with them with no problems. It doesn’t sound like a hosting problem. Since I am a complete beginner using WordPress, the question is at this point…do I delete all my images (thankfully less than 20) and start over, or do I completely delete WordPress and start completely fresh.

    I’m experiencing this same issue with the update to 3.9. Very keen to have this fixed and thank you to those trying to figure this out. It’s beyond me.

    It could be that the new WP version changed the default directory for your media files. Add an image to the media library, check it’s url string, then compare that with older uploads that you can no longer see in the media library. If the path is different, you need to change the media path which you can do with the wordpress original media path plugin. Just install plugin then go to Settings>Media and you should be able to restore the old media path and all your images will be viewable in media library again. hope this works for you.

    I have this same problem with a site.
    I can upload a fresh image and see it in the library, but all previously uploaded images are not displaying. I see an error:

    Could not retrieve file path

    Is that a clue to anyone?

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