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  • Hi,

    Ever since you automatically updated my sites, and , to version 7.0, I no longer get notifications of the updates of anything, let alone the latest releases of the WP blog software itself.

    I naturally thought that you would hear about this problem and that you would address it right on the dashboard without my having to go dig for it, so I waited patiently for over a month, and nothing has been posted on the dashboard about it.

    I never received an automatic update notification for 7.1, 8.0 and now 8.1, as well as no notifications of plugin updates. What is going on? Would somebody please tell me why this is occurring; and please don’t tell me that I allegedly have to do a manual update to resolve it?!

    Automatic update has always worked great for years; and now, evidently because you did the automatic update to 7.0 without consulting us, it has created this problem; therefore, you should have corrected it by now from your end without our having to correct your mistake.

    Or at least you should have notified on the dashboard that you’re aware of the problem and what you’re doing to correct it. Automatic update was working fine on both my blog “back ends” until you did the update from your end to 7.0; then it just inexplicably stopped working.

    I’ve tried shutting down and restarting all plugins, but it didn’t correct the issue.

    I’m a highly physically disabled person who cannot handle all of this stress and anxiety; and having to go dig for answers that usually waste my very limited time and energy, that I don’t have to waste, because I usually never find any of the pertinent answers to the problem(s).

    Please let me know why this is happening, and how it will be corrected.

    Thank you for all of your consideration and assistance.


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  • Now this form site won’t let me edit my post!! What is going on?! Forgive me, I realized that I spaced out, a symptom of my physical disabilities, and got the version numbers wrong.

    I meant to say 3.7, 3.7.1, 3.8 and 3.8.1. My apologies for the error.

    One solution to the failed upgrade would to be to manually update WordPress – just download the most recent version, unzip and upload everything to your server *except* any .httacces and wp-config.php files and the wp-content folder.

    Next, if you want to go back to the older way of updating (i.e. you get notified and then you have to click the button to do the upgrade) you can follow the steps outlined here:

    The definitive guide to disabling auto updates in WordPress 3.7


    to configure the auto-update feature.

    In the long-run, automatic updates are a good thing and it will probably get much better as the WordPress core developers keep working on the feature to handle the many different server setups being used today.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    @wolflegal: WordPress automatic updates only began in version 3.7, so it could not have updated to WordPress 3.7 automatically as part of anything that the WordPress software did.

    Additionally, automatic upgrades only apply to minor releases by default, so it could not have upgraded automatically to WordPress 3.8 either.

    However, automatic upgrades may be relatively new to WordPress, but they are not new to many automated install systems. If you originally installed WordPress through some kind of service, then that service may be doing your upgrades for you. We have no control over the behavior of third party services like that.

    Thank you, “BemDesign”… I think… I was afraid you were going to say that. There should not have been a problem with the major (#1 domain name seller and hosting company in the entire world) host, . I’ve been hosting my WP blogs with them for many years and never had a problem. The database is, or was anyway, update to the latest version; and, every time I a WP auto-update, I updated the database when it required it. So, for the auto-update feature to suddenly stop in GoDaddy’s hosting, one of the most advanced hosting sites there is, just doesn’t make any sense. And, can you imagine if, with the probably millions of customers hosting WP blogs with GoDaddy, they all, or many of them, had the same or similar problems as I did?

    I can’t call GoDaddy; because, even though I’ve been with them for over ten years, their customer service has gotten so bad due to their becoming “too big for their britches”, over half the time when I call I get rude people who treat me like I’m stupid, of often keep me from getting to (a) supervisor(s), and they don’t support WP even though they have it for download and install directly from their site (go figure!).

    GoDaddy just recently started supporting WP, but you have to pay considerable extra for that support, which I’m not going to pay for. I may phone them anyway, and take my chances, but they invariably discriminate against me on the basis of my serious physical disabilities and worsen those disabilities by causing me far too much stress and anxiety (you see, I stand up for myself, then they falsely accuse me of being “rude”, and they just can’t handle that anyone would stand up for themselves.

    I should always just automatically ask for a supervisor; but, when I do, they want to know why I want to speak with them, get paranoid that I’m going to report THEM for being rude, etc., and falsely claim that the regular customer service “techs” on the floor supposedly know more about products and technical issues than the supervisors do (yah, right!). If there was someplace as good, relatively inexpensive with such good deals and discounts every month, and easy to transfer all of my domains and hostings to, I would; but it would probably be far too much work, stress and anxiety, even if there was such a domain provider and hosting company like that.

    I haven’t had to do a manual update to my WP blogs in many years now, so I hope I remember as I go along how it’s done, as I’m following the instructions, that it doesn’t confuse me, that I can get it accomplished with no problems, and that it truly corrects the issue(s). Because, to be honest, I have a feeling that I’m going to have my time and energy wasted again, and that the manual update is NOT going to correct the issue. I hope I’m wrong and that I’m pleasantly surprise.

    Samuel, you don’t understand. I’ve had auto-upgrade for years, and have never had a problem with it until the update to 3.7.0; and, contrary to what you said, I was at version 3.6… whatever it was (I don’t recall anymore), and I NEVER clicked on the Update button (which was never provided from that point on anyway) to update to 3.7, so it MUST have been done automatically on WP’s end, because I did NOT do it; and both of WP blogs are now updated to 3.7 without my consultation or the option to choose to click on the Update links, and have been updated to same since 3.7 came out (end of October?—so it was actually over two months, not simply one, that I’ve been patiently waiting for WP to correct this problem or let me know what people with the same or similar problems could do to correct it; if, preferably, WP didn’t correct it on their end because they caused it in the first place).

    Now it’s stuck in version 3.7 without my anymore even being offered the link(s) to update to either, first, 3.7.1; or, now, 3.8.0 and/or 3.8.1 . Go check, if you don’t believe me, that I’m now updated to 3.7 (even though I didn’t do it), by going to my blogs at the previous URLs above, and clicking the “End” key on your keyboard to take you to my blogs’ footers. Again, those links are: [actually a slightly different, shorter one to take you directly there (but not to the footer, of course)]

    – and –

    So, I don’t appreciate being falsely contradicted. I’m a highly intelligent person with some tech experience, and I have ABSOLUTELY NO mental disabilities WHATSOEVER (as ALL of my disabilities are nothing but physical). Thus, I’m FAR from “stupid” or psychologically disabled.

    Therefore, does anyone else, please, have any ideas; hopefully legitimate ones? Thank you again.

    I have 5 WP sites on a GoDaddy “Ultimate” shared Linux with cPanel account and all 5 updated from 3.8 to 3.8.1 automatically and notified me by email that they had done so 🙂

    Furthermore, prior to me switching to the above-noted account, I was with GD on their previous “Ultimate” shared Linux account for a number of years, and I have never had a WP site there that did not indicate in the Dashboard that an updated version was available. Neither did any of them fail to update successfully when I clicked the Update button.

    Same here, “my friend”. This is the first time since they updated to 3.7.0 that I’ve ever had any problems. My blogs are economy Linux paid hosting accounts, and I’ve never failed to have the Update button until now. Like I said, my blogs are now stuck at 3.7.0; so the problem(s) appear(s) to be at that point, or begins there.

    Anyway, I went ahead and called GoDaddy (GD) and spoke with a WP rep there. While we were talking, she went and scanned WP’s forum pages, something I was loathe to do, and she found that there is a major problem with many people very unhappy with WP right. One thread she found said that they shut down the “core”, if I remember the terminology correctly, for version 3.7.0 and that they’ve been going through and doing a “rollout”, updating about one-hundred sites at a time to correct the issue; and then doing the same for 3.7.1, 3.8.0 and 3.8.1 . But, being that it’s been over two months since that version released, they should have gotten to my sites by now; yet, nothing.

    So, if any of your guys and/or gals are WP techies, please go to whomever in WP and inform them for me that mine were never done and that I’m still stuck at 3.7.0 with no Update button or links, and without even plugins updating either; and please quit acting like there’s no problem(s) and/or apparently trying to hide it from me (and others?).

    I’m very concerned at this point that if I do a manual update to version 3.8.1, that it will make things worse and perhaps crash my sites and bring my blogs down so they no longer operate (when they’re operating fine now with only the 3.7.0 version).

    Thus, please, someone or some people with sufficient clout in WP who are fully apprised of these problems, get back to me and let me know what is going to be done to correct the problem on my sites.

    Thank you once again.

    Why does the ability to edit comments disappear after a couple of hours? We should be able to edit comments at any time right up to the closing of the thread as resolved. Please “(m)ake it so, number one”.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin


    Samuel, you don’t understand. I’ve had auto-upgrade for years, and have never had a problem with it until the update to 3.7.0; and, contrary to what you said, I was at version 3.6…

    No, I do understand, perfectly. Please stop for a moment and let me explain. 🙂

    Until version 3.7, WordPress did not have any form of “automatic updates”. Period. It did not exist in WordPress. We did not update any sites automatically.

    In versions WordPress 2.7 and up, there was a “one-click” upgrade button that could be used to upgrade. However, this is not automatic, it’s a button that had to be pressed manually.

    Now, you say that you’ve had “auto-upgrade” for years, and I do believe you. However, what you thought was “WordPress” upgrading, was actually not. Some other third party group was updating your WordPress for you.

    For example, if you use GoDaddy hosting and did their “automatic installer” of WordPress, then that probably went through a system called “Fantastico”. And that system, since it installed WordPress for you to begin with, is what has been updating it for you too.

    Here’s the thing, we don’t have anything to do with Fantastico, or with any other “auto-installers”. So we cannot debug or help with them.

    Now, as for this supposed “rollout”, the person you spoke to was confused. We don’t actually do it that way. See, we don’t have any access to your website at all. I work on this site itself, and I can’t upgrade your site or even log into your site. We don’t have any control over your personal site whatsoever.

    Starting with WordPress 3.7, it has a feature for the site to update itself, essentially by automating that “one-click” button press. If that feature isn’t working for you, that’s probably because it has been intentionally disabled. This is quite likely to be the case if you had something else upgrading your site previously, a lot of those systems disabled the core-upgrade system so that they could manage the upgrades themselves.

    So, I hope that clarifies things for you. You need to find out what was upgrading you before (it was not us), and then figure out how to disable it or make it work properly again.

    Yes and no. Semantics. That updating feature from 2.7 and above was called auto-updating, but really wasn’t. I’ve got that. But I originally installed WP manually, myself, without ANY assistance in doing so whatsoever. I never used GoDaddy’s installation of it. The only thing that I’ve been using is the update PLUGIN, and it’s still enabled. So, are you telling me that the people who designed that plugin have disabled it? And, if so, what plugin, if any, can I install now that will bring it back? And, even if there is such an “animal”, if it won’t correct the issue of my being stuck at 3.7, what will get my sites to stop being stuck so you’re now true auto-update system can update my sites, either to 3.7.1, then 3.8.0, and then 3.8.1, or directly to 3.8.1, from 3.7?

    The plugin that I’ve been using for years, with no problem(s) at all [even back when 2.7 rolled out, which I understand from the designer of the plugin was a problem for some people back then (never was for me), necessitating an update of the plugin which he performed at that time], is “WordPress Automatic Upgrade”. [It evidently stopped working back when 2.7 rolled out, and the update nag disappeared as is happening to me now, but he corrected it and it has been working ever since, until 3.7 was installed.]

    I have now disabled the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin in both WP back-end interfaces, so let’s see if now true automatic upgrade is able to do its thing (or is is now permanently disabled, and won’t try again, because it was “blocked for too long” by that plugin; and, if so, is there a way to get it to try and upgrade again, or not?).

    Still no auto-upgrade on either of my websites, and both still stuck at version 3.7, over twenty-four hours later, and even though I deactivated the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin over a day ago.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    No auto-upgrade is going to occur. I’ve already told you, something about the way you installed or the plugin you were using or something else has *disabled* the built in upgrade functionality.

    This is not a matter of “semantics”, this is a matter of code. We can help you with WordPress code. But you were using a plugin, or a service, or *something else* to do upgrading before. We don’t know anything about that. We don’t know how it worked, or what it did. It could have done anything to break the built in update code.

    You need to install a fresh, manual upgrade of WordPress. And I say MANUAL, because you need to essentially remove or undo anything that this other “upgrade” code may have done.

    Your site is never going to update again until you actually take action to fix whatever is wrong with it. The action you need to take is a MANUAL UPGRADE and to remove any plugin or other third-party code related to upgrading.

    Okay, fine; but what version of manual upgrade? Should I first go back to the version just before where it’s stuck now, at 3.7, to 3.6.x? Should I install version 3.7 over again? Or should I skip ahead and simply install 3.8.1 (and, if so, do I have any assurance that it won’t make things worse because of what has already happened)? But, even if I go back to 3.6.x , whatever it was (I don’t recall anymore), or reinstall 3.7, before jumping ahead and installing 3.8.1 (or should I install each and every interim version in between), how do I know that doing so won’t crash my blogs such that I have to start all over? So, in short, does it matter what version I install at this point, or that I go right to installing 3.8.1 manually right now? Please let me know.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I would always recommend installing the latest version.

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