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    I click update automatically but it just says downloading….. and nothing else happens. My hosting uses PHP version 5.2.13

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  • Do one these steps:
    Turn off every plugin you are using.
    Use default theme only while updating.
    Then update the WP.
    Once Updated turn on every thing you turned off.

    If still not able to update then read below lines:
    This issues is caused by various reasons One of them is:

    Your hosting configuration. If they had limit the execution time of scripts ( Lets say 30 ) then server simply stop executing request after 30 seconds.Change execution time to 60 and try again.[Don’t cross the limits you will get 500]

    Hope this helps..

    freezia! Thanks for saving my time 🙂
    Dethredic ! Check compatibility also When you revert back old themes/plugins.

    @alok Tiwari No Problem man just love helping out. I’m just waiting for someone to answer my question LOL and ues Dethredic As Alok said don’t forget to check compatibility when you revery back to old theme/plugin.

    I couldn’t get mine to update either. This is what it says:

    Could not create directory.: /public_html

    Installation Failed

    Any advice?



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    Is there a specific post on that thread that offers the correct solution? I briefly looked through the 4 pages and saw no definitive solution except for the very last post but he hosts his own site.

    I read it and on the 3rd post on that topic managed to find this try it

    Ok. Deleting my upgrade directory in wp-content and then recreating it, chmod to 777 seemed to fix the problem. Sometimes I have to do that… not sure why.

    Tell me how it goes all you have to do is delete your upgrade directory in the wp-content folder and then re-upload it and chmod it to 77 and it should work 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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