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  • The plugin is cool, the automatic translation is eve cooler with Deepl or Google Translate


    when we activate the automatic translation, it’s impossible to ask the plugin to not translate the old news. It’s just impossible to only ask ti to translate new content.

    Having a news website with 5000 old news, it would cost us 8000€, just the first month, to use this plugin. Because it will try to translate ALL our content, and Deepl and Google API are expensive.

    TrnslatePress team, if you read us, can you please code something to prevent the automatic translation to translate old content !

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  • Plugin Support Alex



    First of all, we are sorry that in your case we haven’t a smoother solution to exclude these posts.
    We do appreciate your feedback, however giving the plugin a small grade should normally be reserved for plugins with no support, unresolved bugs, or not following WordPress standards. This is not the case for TranslatePress, as I already specified in the conversation we had, in order to exclude posts/pages from being processed by TranslatePress, you can use the Do not translate certain paths feature from TP Settings –> Advanced tab.

    Please understand, that excluding a post under a certain date from being translated, as you suggested, is somehow contrary to the way our plugin was created and works. We are not working with posts, which means we are not creating new posts for the translated version. We are working with individual strings, and excluding a string that was posted on a certain date will make that string to remain untranslated also for new posts you have, that you want to translate. This approach would mean that it solves one thing but ruins another, so it doesn’t make sense.

    However, we are glad to hear you found the plugin functionality “cool”, as building a great product is something we constantly push ourselves to do.
    We’re actively acting on user feedback to improve the product.

    We hope you will change your review following our additional explanation.

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    We are a news website with some history (7 years). I think it’s a standard use case of WordPress.

    The immediate cost to use your feature for a website with old news : $7000.

    Who would invest this amount of money to translate old news content nobody cares about.

    For us, news website with years of history, the ability to block translation for old content is a MUST.

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    Plugin Support Alex



    If you say the old content is not important, I guess, will not be a problem to delete them or let them be untranslated for example.

    We understood your needs, however, as I mentioned in my first reply, giving us a small grade for a feature that you think we should have in a specific form does not actually follow the WordPress standards. You should review the product as a whole, not just one part of it, a part that exists already. Indeed, it requires the manual exclusion of posts, but it is there (even if in another form).

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