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  • I’m at work so I can’t download and test it yet, but does wp-super-cache have a way of detecting when a large volume of hits are coming from key sites such as Digg, Slashdot, etc, so it can automatically enable caching? If not I think this would an excellent feature.

    While I don’t want to use caching all the time due to my other plugins, it’d be great if the plugin were intelligent enough to know that 100 or so users with a referrer of ‘’ within a few minutes is a sign that an explosion of traffic is coming and that caching should be initiated until it falls below a certain threshold.

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  • No. And such a feature would make little sense anyway. Why would you not want your files cached all the time?

    I did not say that right there in my post? Plugins.

    Yes, you said it, however it still doesn’t make any sense. Are your plugins incompatible with caching? I don’t understand your answer, caching works fine with all the plugins I’ve used. In fact, SuperCache should always work with all plugins since it bypasses WordPress completely when the cache is working properly.

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