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  • Hi,
    Can you tell me how the automatic thumbnails function works?
    Will it go and grab it without user or admin intervention, or does an admin need to edit the Link post and click on the Generate Thumbnail and store locally?
    If a user uses the User Submission form, how do they trigger the generation?

    Or is it possible to schedule some script in cron to trigger the Generate Thumbnail button inside the Library Configuration menu?`

    Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    If you are referring to the option called ‘Use thumbnail service for dynamic link images’, this function fetches images from the selected thumbnail generation site every time someone visits the page containing the Link Library. This can result in slower page loading times and might also exceed the limits of such sites if you have a high-traffic website.

    At this moment, the admin will always need to go into the link post and generate a thumbnail. This was meant as a quality-control mechanism so the admin can be sure that the thumbnail comes up correctly, and that visitors don’t make bad content appear on their site if they are not moderating links before they appear.

    I will see what could be done with having a schedulable cron job.

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